Does Ventus die in Birth by Sleep?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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No, just he falls into a comatose state.

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Q: Does Ventus die in Birth by Sleep?
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What was the secret ending of Birth by Sleep about?

sora gets to have ventus's soul sleep in him

How old was ventus in Birth by Sleep?

around 14 or 15

Does anyone die in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ventus dies killing Vanitus. You see, Vanitus is the evil that resided in Ventus heart. When they fight at the end of the game, Ventus gives his life to slay Vanitus permenantly. Once this happens the, remnants of Ventus heart go into Soras heart, and this is what allows our young friend to wield the keyblade. Not to mention the fact that the remains of Ventus, make Roxas. A nobody that seemingly has a heart

Who voices ventus in Birth by Sleep?

Jesse mccartney

Do you play as Roxas in Birth by Sleep?

You get to play as Terra, Ventus{Roxas}, and Aqua.

Does Ventus die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

No because kingdom hearts 3 is related to kingdom hearts birth by sleep but Ventus lost his heart in Ventus's secret ending when Ventus gave Sora his heart, Aqua put Ventus into this dome like where Roxas found Sora in it in kingdom hearts 2. Aqua bilt that to make Ventus heal in Aqua's secret ending.

Who is it that dies in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep trailer?

You are referring to Ventus, who doesn't die. If you look closely, you can clearly see his eyes moving around.

What is Kingdom Hearts III about?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Birth By Sleep With New Characters Terra Aqua And Ventus P.S I Recommend Using Ventus

What are the Kingdom Hearts that ventus has been in?

ventus is in birth by sleep and that's all because in the others there's roxas and sora and all the other people

Who are the main characters of Birth by Sleep?

The main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep are Terra, Aqua and Ventus; three entirely new characters.

What is the maximum amount of health on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

Ventus's is 35 and Aqua and Terra's is 40

Why does Ventus wake up in the Land of Departure in the Secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

That means its fake