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Stronger gravity than what? The gravity of Venus is stronger than that of the moon or of Mars, but weaker than that of Earth.

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Venus has much stronger gravity than Earth since it is closer to the sun.

Yes. Venus has less mass and therefore has less gravity.

Venus has weaker gravity than Earth.

No. The mass, and the gravity, of Venus is slightly less than that of Earth.

Venus has gravity somewhat weaker than earth's.

The gravity of Venus is weaker than that of Earth by about 10%.

They are similar, but Earth has a stronger gravity.Earth: 1gVenus: 0.907 g

yes venus has much stronger gravity than earth

Yes. Weaker than Earth, and stronger than Mercury.

Venus's gravity is weaker than Earth's.

No. Venus has less mass than Earth, though not by very much. As a result, gravity on Venus is slightly weaker than on Earth.

yes it is further away from the gravity pull so yes

Venus's gravity is approx 90% as strong as Earth's.

Weaker. The gravity on the surface of Venus is about 8.87 meters per square second; for comparison, on Earth, the gravity is about 9.82 meters per square second.

Venus' gravity is weaker, 0.904 G, than Earth's.

No. Gravity on Earth is 9.78 M/S^2; Gravity on Venus is 8.87 M/S^2

The Sun is both dense enough and large enough to have a force of gravity greater than all of the objects in and near the Solar System, including those within the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt. So, your answer is 'Yes", the Sun has a stronger gravity than planet Venus.

Yes there is gravity on Venus

yes there is gravity on Venus

the gravity on venus is about 90.4% of earths

The surface gravity of Venus is about 90% that of Earth.

No. The gravity on Venus is about 90% of what it is on Earth.

Venus has about 90% of Earth's gravity. That may answer it.

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