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Q: Does Vicodin have aspirin in it?
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Does Vicodin contain aspirin?

Does vicodin contain aspirin?

Is There Aspirin in Vicodin?

No, vicodin contains acetaminophen (aka tylenol) and hydrocodone, but no aspirin.

Does Vicodin have aspirin?


Is vicodin and aspirin okay together?


Would aspirin make the effects of vicodin stronger?

no not at all

Can you mix vicodine and aspirin?

There are no known interactions with Vicodin and aspirin. However, you should always ask your doctor before mixing any medication.

Can you mix vicodin and aspirin?

Yes. The main problem may be stomach irritation.

What is the mg of Vicodin m357?

5 mg w 500 mg aspirin

Can you take hydrocodone ingredient of vicodin with hydroxyzine injection together?

If I am not mistaken you can NOT inject hydrocodone because of the aspirin in it, If I am not mistaken you can NOT inject hydrocodone because of the aspirin in it, If I am not mistaken you can NOT inject hydrocodone because of the aspirin in it,

Which of the following drugs meets the definition of illicit Prescription or Aspirin or Marijuana or Vicodin?


Can you take aspirin with Vicodin?

there are no interactions for taking them together, however vicodin is hydrocodone and apap (Tylenol) that alone can upset your stomach and adding aspirin with it may increase the chance for upset stomach id eat something small such as crackers to decrease the chances of that happening otherwise i think you are safe.

Is there aspirin in Vicodin M357?

are you sure your not on 7.5mg. hydrocodone and 750 mg. of tylenol. There is NO aspirin in M357 pills. They contain acetaminophen and hydrocodone 500mg / 5mg. As for 750mg / 7.5mg combination, it is found in M360 generic Vicodin pills made by Mallinckrodt Pharms.

Does methadone have acemetophen in it?

no, methadone has no aspirin or acetaminophen in it. Usually oxycodone(percocet), hydrocodone(vicodin), and codeine will have acetaminophen in them.

Which drugs are weak opiates?

Codeine, dihydrocodine (Vicodin), technically tramadol, and their combinations with Tylenol, aspirin, etc.

Does Vicodin have caffeine in it?

Vicodin is a combination product which combines hydrocodone (a narcotic pain reliever) with acetaminophen (a non-narcotic, non-aspirin pain reliever and fever reducer). The product does not contain caffeine.

What type of over the counter medication to take when you can't get vicodin?

Your pretty much limited to tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin.

What pill has m357?

Vicodin 5-500mg

Will taking 4 aspirin mask vicodin before a urine test?

Umm.. No. But if it makes you feel better, by all means!

Is there a natural alternative to Vicodin?

While some plants may have mild analgesic substances in them (salicylate-like compounds similar to aspirin), excepting opium poppies there are no natural alternatives to the potency of pain relief found with Vicodin.

Can you give a dog Tylenol or Vicodin?

I wouldn't suggest it...especially Vicodin...My vet suggested children's aspirin for my rat terrier's arthritis, but the best option would be to get vet prescribed meds for ur pets pain...good luck

Is vicoden an anti inflammatory?

No, Vicodin is an opiate (hydrocodone) preparation with paracetamol (acetaminophen). There are no anti-imflammatory propeties of vicodin so the prepation can be safely administered with NSAIDs (except aspirin due its molecular similarities with paracetamol). Hope this helps

What is the difference between hydrocodone and percodan?

Hydrocodone is more commonly known as Vicodin, Lortab, etc... Percodan is actually the tradename for Oxycodone a stronger drug than vicodin. Percodan usually comes with 5mg of Oxycodone with 325mg of Aspirin. the Hydrocodone products usually are combined with Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Is it safe to take Paxil and a pain medication?

Yes, I have been on paxil for years, I also have been on allot of pain killers. everything from aspirin, Tylenol, Vicodin, and morphine.

What over the counter medicines contain hydrocodone?

vicodin... Answer: Hydrocodone is the generic for Vicodin. Hydrocodone is a controlled drug in the United States and is sold by prescription. Hydrocodone itself is not sold over the counter, whereas such drugs as aspirin and others can be bought over the counter or be filled by prescription.

Is Vicodin the same as Hydrocodone?

The opioid analgesic ingredient in Vicodin is Hydrocodone. Vicodin is a brand name of a medication containing both hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is an ingredient in Vicodin which is a "trademarked" name. Vicodin has Hydrocodone in it. Vicodin is a combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen so no Hydrocodone is only one of the two drugs that is in Vicodin.