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Victorias Secret does not currently stock chantelle Bras, although they offer many fine alteratives offering the same fashion and fitment. Should you require a chantelle branded bra they are available at a number of online retailers.

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Q: Does Victoria's Secret carry chantelle bras?
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Are chantelle bras sold at Victoria's Secret?

Unfortunately, Chantelle bras are not sold at Victoria's Secret. Chantelle bras are a brand name, and are not owned by Victoria's Secret, therefore, they are not authorized to sell them.

Is Lunaire Bras made by Victoria's Secret?

Lunaire Bras are not made by Victorias Secret. They are actually a company on their own, and their bras are specifically designed for full busted women.

What is most popular brand of bra in US?

probably victorias secret bras.

Where can you find chantelle bras online?

Chantelle bras and lingere can be found at any major supplier of women's clothing or any lingere outlets (such as Victoria Secret). They can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

What are chantelle bras and where can you get one?

Victoria Secret or Sears. They have a stellar supply but Sears has cheaper prices for just about the same quality as Victoria Secret. I would recommend Sears for the bras.

What kind of pants does Justin Bieber wear?

He wears skinny jeans from Justice and he gets his bras from Victorias Secret.

What is Victoria secrets?

victorias secret is that Victoria is actually a man named victor they are a company for such things as bras, ect.

Does Chantelle Bras sell minimizer style bras?

Yes chantelle bras do sell minimizer style bras. they can be found on many web sites like amazon, nordstrom, herrom, and bareneccessities. They sell the minimizer style bras as underwire.

What types and brands of bras are good for high school students?

the best bras to buy are padded bras, they support well and make you feel better about yourself. the best store that i highly recommend to buy your bras is at Victorias Secret.

Does Victorias Secret have their own sports bras?

Victoria's Secret does carry a line of sports bras. Usually you can find them in the "Pink" section of the store. For those places where the local Victoria's SEcret is smaller you may not be able to find sports bras in the actual store. In that case you should check out their website because they are alway available there, and you may find an even better selection than you would in a store.

Where can you buy bras with cups bigger than DD?

i think at Victorias Secret and Target and Walmart im PRETTY sure just about anywhere

Do Chantelle bras offer a strapless bra?

Chantelle Bras do offer a strapless bra - in fact, multiple strapless bras. One of them is the Sensua, which retails for approximately $79.90, and the other the Invisible, which retails for approximately the same price, depending on location.

Do Chantelle bras come in plus sizes?

All bras come in different sizes. Chantelle bras can be found in the most common sizes as well as plus sizes. Usually, plus sizes cost more because of the more material being used.

Where can you purchase Chantelle bras?

The Chantelle bras can be purchased online through the Nordstorm as well as Macy's online purchasing services. There are several other online retailers who provide free shipping and delivery for these intimate items.

Do you wear the same size as in other bras Iwear a44D and by their chart i should wear a 48B makes no sense to me HELP?

well, go to victorias secret and they will measure you.

How is a women's cup size measured?

It goes like A/B/C/D.. you can go to victorias secret and they will measure it for you. plus they have such cute bras!! haha lol out of question lol

What sizes does Victoria secret carry?

Victoria's Secret carries a wide variety of clothing and lingerie. The sizes of bras that the company carries are from AA to DD.

Does Victoria's secret carry A cup bras?

Yes they do, they start at an A34 in the store but online i think they have smaller sizes

How do you ask your mom to wear Victoria's Secret?

Just tell her you want better quality bras, ones that fit right. If she says you're too young, tell her about the victorias secret PINK collection which is made for younger girls :)

Does Victoria's Secret sell childrens bras?

No they do not sell childrens bras at Victoria's secret but i do know they sell size 32aa

Are playtex bras cheaper than Victoria's Secret bras?

In most cases playtex bras are cheaper then Victoria Secret bras, unless the bras are markdown or discontinued or have a special coupon for buy one thing get a bra free kind of thing.

What products are offered by Victoria Secret?

Victoria Secret carries intimate products for women. They carry lingerie, bras, underwear and stockings. Victoria Secret also carries their own line of lotions and oils.

Which brands carry bras that have front clasps?

Many brands carry front clasped bras as well as bras that clasp in the back. Brands like Playtex make them.

Where can one purchase strapless bras?

Strapless bras can be purchased at a wide variety of retail locations and online stores. Wal-Mart, Target, Victoria's Secret, and Amazon, for example, all carry these items.

Which bras from Victoria's Secret feature padding?

Victoria's Secret bras with padding are the bras in the "Lightly Lined, "Push-Up Padding", and "Add 2 Cups" sections on their website. Bras without padding are called "Unlined".