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Sorry, not they dont, but if you buy one no contract from bell, and then switch it to virgin, you will have the xenon with virgin!...thats what I did

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i want to no because i need to get it in virgin mobile and i really like this phone :)

The LG Xenon is the same thing as the LG Xenon GR500. GR500 is the device name. It is used for bluetooth properties

yes it can but i am pretty sure only from bell mobile.

i am 100% sure that virgin mobile and bell have the LG Rumor.

I want to unlock lg p500 phone which is locked to virgin. need unlock code.

You can get this phone at Verizon, nextel, virgin mobile.......

CV - news, sports, weather, entertainment and more that's what it has!!

Lg Xenon its a lot smaller and weighs less.

For me the LG Xenon,but others may not think the same as me!!!

You hook up your lg xenon to your charger and it should unfreeze, it worked for me!

yeah you can use the lg xenon with tmobile and it works great!

No there is not. A good phone that I would recommend from Virgin Mobile is the Samsung Vice. It is pretty much the same except it doesn't have a touch screen.

Yes and also you can get them from sprint but they are not online you can get them at stores.

The LG Xenon does not run on any version of Android. It runs on a custom LG operating system that does not have a name.

Virgin Mobile offers a very large variety of mobile phones when you purchase a prepaid phone from them, including the popular iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's, as well as some of the LG phones.

yes it does follow this link and

no the lg xenon belongs to at&t and phones cant be switched to other networks

No, the LG Xenon is a messaging device only and does not require a data plan like a smartphone.

In my opinion, the LG Xenon is a manly phone, since it's just so awesome!

The max capacity for ringtones on the LG Xenon is 300kb. Hope this helps.

The lg xenon phone does have a banner. you go to display settings, then press banner.

no, not at all. The lg xenon is very sturdy!

Sprint - $29.99. look at the website Virgin Mobile - $149.99

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