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Did Virginia Hamilton have any siblings?

Yes she was the youngest of 5 children, so she has 4 siblings.

What did Virginia Hamilton collect?

Virginia Hamilton collected frogs and wrote books!!!!!!!!

When was Virginia Hamilton born?

Virginia Hamilton was born March 12th in 1936.

When was Virginia Hamilton Adair born?

Virginia Hamilton Adair was born in 1913.

When did Virginia Hamilton Adair die?

Virginia Hamilton Adair died in 2004.

How many books did Virginia Hamilton wrote?

Virginia Hamilton wrote 41 books!

What high school did Virginia Hamilton attend?

what high school did Virginia Hamilton attend

How many children does Virginia Hamilton have?

She had two children. A daughter named Leigh (born in 1963) and a son named Jaime (born in 1967).

When was Alexander Hamilton - Virginia - born?

Alexander Hamilton - Virginia - was born in 1851.

When did Alexander Hamilton - Virginia - die?

Alexander Hamilton - Virginia - died in 1916.

Did Virginia Hamilton ever invented something?

Virginia Hamilton was an African-American writer known more for children books and other writings for young people. She is considered a pioneer in this field. She passed away in 2002, but the American Library Association has a yearly award in African-American Children Literature.

Does Virginia Hamilton have any kids?

virginia hamilton has 2 kids named leigh[daughter] jaime[son]

What is the distance from Hamilton ONT to Virginia Beach?

The distance from Hamilton, Ontario to Virginia Beach, Virginia is 637 miles. There is a ten hour and 14 minute distance.

How many brothers and sisters do Virginia Hamilton have?

Virginia Hamilton did not have any brothers or sisters but she did grow up with a large family

What is the standard zip code for Hamilton VA?

The standard zip code for Hamilton, Virginia is 20158

What is the standard zip code for Hamilton Virginia?

The standard zip code for Hamilton, Virginina is 20158.

When was Mahlon Hamilton born?

Mahlon Hamilton was born on June 15, 1880, in Virginia, USA.

Why did Virginia Hamilton die?

because she had breast cancer

Is Virginia Hamilton dead?

i dnt no if she is dead or not. y?

Why did Virginia Hamilton started writing books?

Virginia Hamilton started writing books because she knew she was good and she just didn't push her self are believe she was good at it

What did Virginia Hamilton publish her first book?

Virginia Hamilton's first book was Zeely, published in 1967.

Where did Virginia Hamilton die?

she died in Yellow Springs Ohio

What was Virginia Hamilton husband's name?

He was the poet Arnold Adoff.

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