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As for offical art/design, yes. I thought it was an MMD flaw at first, but that is really how it is. and it depends on the artist, the one who is drawing neru.

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no but if you really want to wear those brown pants wear a yellow shirt.

Physics ( Gravity and that, density... ) Extrapolates from meteorites... And the holes xD But those are not really deep.

so food can fall in those holes

If you're talking about the holes in the sides of their heads, those would be their ears.

I believe those are called, "Jumpers".

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you can make a dark ghost costume.all you need is one of those black trash bags a long black shirt(or cut sleeves from more bags) and scissors.cut holes for the head and arms.

The "holes" in the Moon are craters; it's likely that most of those are caused by meteorites.

Meteors crashed at those spots

Of course! T-shirt design is very popular nowadays as more and more people are seeking their own style. There're many t-shirt design companies online. I've designed my t-shirt at home by myself once. It's really interesting, but I never wear it out, hahaI suggest going to those professional corporations for help.

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The holes are called craters. They are the sites of impact of meteors and meteorites. The walls of the holes consist of dust thrown up and out by the impact.

That's where crabs or other little creatures are buried and those are their breathing holes.

those are the corals breathing hole 1 for breathing 1 for eating 1 for disposing watse. also they have those holes for other animals to hide in.

those are their breathing holes

c actually those are craters not holes and thier caused because of other objects hitting the moon

They did not dig holes. They made those in question dig holes themselves

Find someone who has those features and use the Costumizer (t-shirt on the upper bar) to copy them. No one is really sure how they got it originally.

Those two holes are bullet holes from when the farmer or rancher had to put the cow, which was most likely sick and dying, out of its misery.

I'm going to assume this question was asked thinking that someone was saying world holes and it was misheard. World holes occur in Minecraft multiplayer when information about a chunk does not get sent to the client properly. Those with poor or slow connections will notice a lot more world holes than those without. World holes can be fixed by logging out and back in to the server.

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