Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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yes John Cena does have a girlfriend.

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Q: Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?
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Does anyone know a wrestler?

John Cena is a WWE wrestler.

Is John Cena married to a WWE wrestler?


Who is a good WWE wrestler?

john cena

What are John Cena's statics?

john cena is awesom he is the best wrestler in the wwe universe

Is john cena's wife a WWE wrestler?


Who is the best WWE wrestler 2010?

john cena

Which wrestler does the fu?

WWE wrestler John Cena does the move called the FU.

Who is Joe Jonas favorite wwe wrestler?

John Cena

Is john cena the most populast WWE wrestler?

yes he is

What about Cena?

Cena is a wrestler from the WWE. Good wrestler but not so like by men. Mostly kids and women like John Cena more

Are charlie cena and john cena related?

No, but John Cena is the real life cousin of WWE wrestler Darren Young.

How do you become WWE wrestler?

for wwe wrestler u need good looking and attractive body like john cena