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Walt Disney World offers a huge number of discounts, so many I don

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Q: Does Walt Disney World offer Military Discounts?
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Does Disney World offer discounts to police officers?

Yes there actually is a web site called which has thousands of discounts for Police,Firefighters and Military and Disney is one of the discounts they offer.

Do they offer AAA discounts for retired military personnel?

Many places offer discounts for retired military such as Lowes and Disney World, however AAA discounts are for members of AAA reguardless of military status.

Where can one find discounts for Disney World?

Discounts for tickets and amenities at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida can be found through the Walt Disney Company at the park proper. There are also many websites that also offer discounts to Walt Disney World.

Does Walt Disney World offer senior citizen discounts?


Does Walmart offer discounts for Walt Disney tickets?

I have never known them to. Our family gets discounts from when we go to Disney world.

Where can you buy cheap tickets to Disney World?

Usually a good AAA membership can provide you with discounts. Also, if you or a parent is in the military, you can get really good deals on tickets. But you have to have a military id for that. You can also check out packages, specifically with hotels near to Disney World. They will often buy tickets in bulk and then offer their guests discounts on their tickets when purchased through the hotel.

What are some good senior travel discounts in Florida and Disney World?

There are plenty of travel agencies which offer discounts to seniors, especially for Disney World. For more information online you can visit

What stores offer military discounts?

Scroll down to the bottom of the link i added to see what stores offer military discounts.

Does Disney world offer discounts for correction officers?

does disneyland have dicount tickets for correctional officers

Are there senior discounts for Walt Disney world vacation packages?

Not a lot of places offer senior discounts, even to Walt Disney World. and are two great travel websites that offer last minute travel packages for drastically reduced prices.

Which companies offer military discounts?

HP offers military discounts through HP Academy :)

Does Disney offer special discounts on their cruise packages?

In honor of the brave men and women who serve this country, Disney Cruise Line is proud to offer special military rates on select Disney cruises setting sail through December 2011.

Does Starbucks offer Senior Citizen Discounts?

No, most Starbucks do not offer Sr. discounts, but some will offer Military Benefits.

Where can you find cheap Disney World packages in Florida online?

There are many places that provide Disney World packages. The Disney World website is just one of them. They offer different discounts at different times of the year.

Does Allstate offer discounts on car insurance for active military members?

Allstate does indeed offer discounts on car insurance for active military members. It also gives discounts on other forms of insurance for military members.

Does Walt Disney World offer any discounts for lowes employee?

They might. Go to your HR office and ask.

What airlines offer discounts to military personnel?

Very few offer discounts for military personnel taking a personal trip. This is especially true for people travelling with family.

What are the main advantages of the Disney store coupons?

Disney Store coupons and discounts are very advantageous for shoppers. The largest advantage of Disney Store coupons is the money saving discounts they offer.

What Military Cruise deals are available?

Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines offer military discounts. Carnival is the only cruise line to offer discounts to anyone who has ever served in the military. Royal Caribbean offers discounts to active, retired, and widows of military personal.

Where can one find Disney World specials online?

You can find Disney World specials online at Disney's official webpage. Many hotel websites and travel agencies online also offer large discounts on hotel rooms and Disney tickets.

Does Disneyland offer military or triple a discounts?


Does buckle offer military discounts?

Yes ,10%

Where can I find a cheap military discount?

You can find military discount in many regular stores and restaurants, all you have to do is ask if they offer such a discount. For vacations, Disney offers amazing discounts not only for the military personnel but also their dependents.

Does Walmart offer senior citizens or military discounts in their stores?

It appears not to offer discounts to senior or military, at least on the national level. Local stores may or may not offer specials like this from time to time.

What does Disney offer for rewards?

Many credit cards work with Disney to offer their customers rewards. Rewards include discounts, special events at the Disney Parks, and special offers.