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Q: Does WikiAnswers com pay users for answering questions?
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Does answers rule?

Answers dot com and WikiAnswers don't rule over anyone. But they sure are great websites for asking and answering questions!

Which are the best sites that pay for answering questions?


Do you like WikiAnswers com?

(There should be a "welcome page" so that new users know what they can or cannot do. Some questions are okay for opinions or overwriting, many are not.)

Does answers dot com stink at answering questions?

because it dose

Do you have to be a member to post questions on WikiAnswers-com?

no, I answered this and I'm not part of it

How long does it take to have your questions answered on Wikianswers com?

Anywhere from a couple of seconds, to never.

How much money will answers com charge?

Answers and Wikianswers are free. They do not charge you to ask questions or get answers.

Why should Answers dot com be shut down forever?

Because no one ever answers the questions. --- The rhetorical question is valid if it it were possible for to answer all of the questions asked on WikiAnswers. But a very large number of questions have been answered correctly, and a number of questions have not. Some questions are easier to answer or have more users knowledgeable in the subject matter. Some questions are harder to answer, and some are not possible to answer factually. To improve the chances of having a question answered, a question should be clearly phrased and added to the proper category. Even then, answering is done by volunteer users and an answer cannot be guaranteed. Askers may also find information in answered questions that are similar, or in the same category.

Can you make friends in WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is not a social site, meaning, it's primary goal is not to be a place where users make friends and where folks can chat. Instead, WikiAnswers and Answers dot com are websites devoted to housing questions and answers that benefit a wide spectrum of users. Content is user-generated, so contributors make the site useful and beneficial to others. For this reason, contributors should read the Help Center guidelines to know what kinds of questions are acceptable, and the best ways to word answers.

WikiAnswers com for bible questions and answers?

Wikianswers has almost 80,000 Bible questions. Go to Categories and type in Bible.

Is answers com the best website in the world?

Answers dot com is one of the leading websites in the world. It is the best user driven platform for asking and answering questions.

Why does answers com suck at answering questions?

It doesn't ! WikiAnswers is a community of MILLIONS of people - it's not just ONE individual. The vast majority of questions get decent (and sometimes lengthy) answers. Perhaps your question wasn't worded right, posted in the wrong category or lacked sufficient information - resulting in an inferior answer.

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