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No direct descendants of Shakespeare are living. He had 3 grandsons who died young and one granddaughter who married and had no children

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Is William Shakespeare still alive?

William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616.

Why do people still study William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is still studied because his work is some of the best to have ever been written.

Does Hitler still have any living relatives?


Are there living descendents today of shakespeare?

No, there are no direct descendents still living.

Is William shakespaere a famous?

The literally works of William Shakespeare are still famous today.

Why do you still remember William shakespeare?

Alzheimer's hasn't got me yet.

Why are there no living relatives of Shakespeare?

There is no living relative of Shakespeare because he was alive about nearly 400 years ago. And humans cannot live for that long. But wait. Maybe you are not asking about his children only. Maybe he has a living great-great-great (well, a lot of greats) grandchild. But also, there are no living decendants of Shakespeare, well not legitimate ones anyway. Shakespeare and his wife Anne had three children, and from these three children came four grandchildren and all four grandchildren died without having children of their own. But what if Shakespeare had children from women he was not married to? The actor Betterton claimed he was such a child (of course, he might well have been lying). If so, Shakespeare might have had decendants we don't know about. And anyway, the question doesn't say "children", or "decendants" but "relatives". Aren't neices and nephews your relatives? And although we have no record that Shakespeare's brothers had children, the only one of his sisters to reach adulthood did. Joan Shakespeare was married to a guy called Hart and had children, and one of them had children and so on. Her decendants were still living in Stratford in 1806. There may be some still alive. And what about cousins? There are possibly some decendants of the Ardens around who would be related to Shakespeare on his mother's side.

What wood did William shakespeare steal deer from?

Nowadays few people still believe the old legend that Shakespeare was a poacher.

Does Hellen Keller still have relatives living today?

omg who the hell cares?

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Milutin Tesla was his father and Djuka Mandic was his mother. Nikola Tesla did not have any children so his family tree ends there. Nikola Tesla's relatives still living comes from his sisters and cousins. William H. Terbo is the closest living relative of Nikola Tesla and the youngest relative is a young woman named Danijela Tesla.

What techniques did Shakespeare use in his works?

William Shakespeare was the first person to record 10'000 words and phrases that are still used today.

Which modern animal was related to oviraptor?

The closest living relatives of Oviraptor are birds. Birds are the only type of dinosaurs that still exist. Therefor, not only are birds the closest living relatives of the Oviraptor, they are also the closest living relatives of any other extinct dinosaur.

Was William Shakespeare wealthy?

yes he was wealthy for the time he lived him but yet he was still poor

When did William Shakespeare divorce Anne Hathaway?

He didn't. They were still married on the day he died.

What is William Shakespeare age in 2012?

If he were still alive, he'd be 448 in April 2012.

How was the world before William Shakespeare?

Still spinning on its axis, just like it does now.

Are some of Beethoven's relatives still living?

yes some of Beethoven's relitives are still living actually i am a living relitive actually he is my 10th great uncle and the family still goes by the name Beethoven so that is the answer

Who played William Shakespeare in his plays?

William Shakespeare was the playwright who wrote several dozen plays, many of which are still in production around the world today. While he authored many plays, he did not appear as a character in any of them. Therefore, no one performs as William Shakespeare in any play written by him.

What did William grant still do for a living?

he was a composer and died

Is there an after life?

yes, if you have children or relatives still alive, because you are part of them. Some of you is inside them. So part of you is still living.

Who written Macbeth?

It has been widely know that William Shakespeare was the author of Macbeth. In recent times there has been some discussion as to whether Shakespeare is actually the author of all the works that have been credited to him in the past.At this time we still believe William Shakespeare was the author.

What three professions is William Shakespeare famous for?

William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare is best known as a playwright.His plays are still performed in Theatres all over the world and there have been numerous television and movie adaptations.He was also a poet - his poems are still read, enjoyed and studied.At the beginning of his career he was an actor, appearing in some of his own plays.He was also a shareholder in a theatre and partner in a theatre company.

Was William shakespearefamous in his own town?

William Shakespeare was a famous and acclaimed actor and playwright during his lifetime. It is a safe bet that his childhood friends and his family members still living in Stratford were well-aware of his fame and succes and told others in his home town about it.

How did Shakespeare affect English language?

William Shakespeare created many new words such as "addiction," "champion," "eyeball," and "lonely" that we still use to this very day,

Was William Shakespeare married to anyone besides Anne Hathaway?

No. He married her when he was 18 and was still married to her at his death.

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