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Q: Does Windows XP Home Edition come with Microsoft Excel?
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Is Microsoft Excel included in Windows XP Home Edition?

No. Microsoft Excel is not bundled with Windows XP Home (or any version of Windows). It must be purchased as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

What versions of Microsoft Excel are supported by Windows XP Home Edition?

All versions of Excel should work with all versions of Windows.

Is Microsoft office Excel 2000 the same as Microsoft Windows X P home edition verision 2002 service pack 3?

Not even close. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. Windows XP is an operating system.

Is Excel included with Windows Vista Home Basic?

Unfortunately, no. The most cost-effective option is to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student edition. Excel comes with this.

Is Microsoft Excel compatible with Windows XP Home?


Where can one purchase Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition?

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is available to buy from Amazon. However one should seriously consider buying a less dated version of Windows. Especially as Microsoft will be ceasing support in 2014.

Microsoft Windows XP home edition is an operating system designed for entertainment and home use?

Well yes its a home edition, more for your home not an office I guess.

Does Microsoft office One Note 2007 home and student edition have PowerPoint?

yes. it also has word and excel.

What Microsoft XP is an operating system version designed primarily for home use?

Windows XP home edition

How do you reinstall Microsoft Windows XP?

you need a home edition CD to reinstall the windows xp home on a laptop computer. With the CD and original code.

Is Microsoft Windows XP home edition an operating system desinged for entertainment and home use?

What is different between Home Edison and professional

Why is Windows 7 ultimate edition ultimate?

Because it is ultimately created by Microsoft. The Ultimate edition has all the features of both Home Premium and Professional.

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