Does Xbox 360 slim get the rrod?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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yes it can but not as much as the regular Xbox 360 because of the newer fan that Microsoft has included in the slim 360 so there is alot less over heating if you don't wan to get the rrod very much then you should go with the slim xbox 360.

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Yes it does I fix broken xbox's and many arcade xbox's have that problem!

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Q: Does Xbox 360 slim get the rrod?
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What is better Xbox 360 0r Xbox 360 slim?

i would say that xbox 360 is a little bit worse because the new xbox 360 slim is lighter, better looking and will not scratch your cds. because it does not have a tray. and the new xbox 360 slim will last longer because of the firmware it will be rare to get rrod and the xbox 360 slim is kinect ready

What is better Xbox 360 slim or Xbox 360 e?

Even though slim overheats it does not get a RROD too often. The elite does. i have had a slim for a few years and nothing has changed still in perfect condition

Will the new xbox 360 arcade get the rrod?


Can arcade get rrod?

Yes. All Xbox 360 consoles are prone to overheating, which causes the RROD.

Can you get live on a Xbox 360 or a Xbox 360 slim?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can get xbox live on a 360 or a slim.

Can you avoid the rrod?

Yes if you play the xbox 360 for a short time.

Would swapping xbox 360 hard drives give you rrod?


Is a 4 GB xbox 360 a slim?

25 GB xbox 360 is a slim.

Can xbox 360 arcades get the red ring of death?

No, they won't. If you're out of warranty, you might want to look up ways that can potentially fix a red ringed 360.

Does Xbox 360 mic work on Xbox 360 slim?

It depends on the controller, yes you can because the format of the xbox 360 slim is the same as the original xbox 360 controller

What are the chances of Xbox's getting the RROD?

Im pretty sure any xbox 360 can get it, if youre a hard core 24 hour gamer, then you might get it because the xbox gets rrod from it overheating.

Why are Xbox 360 s called Xbox 360 s?

S stands for slim. AKA Xbox 360 Slim. The slim has many new features. Look it up.