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Does Zac Efron love vanessa huddgens or Ashley Tisdale?


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He is not dating Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale.

No. Zac Efron is not marrying Ashley Tisdale. He is in a happy relationship with Vanessa Ann Hudgens.


No, despite some rumors, Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron are not dating. Ashley Tisdale is married to Christopher they are not because Vanessa and Zac are engagedAshley Tisdale did not date Zac Efron.NONo, she is married to Christopher French.

Ashley tisdale is more loveable because vanessa has bd pic. ashley tisdale hates zac efron ause he's drunk!but vanessa is her bff and miley

Ashley Tisdale & Zac Efron.

Zac Efron has dated Vanessa Hugens Longer. I do not know how long, but I am sure Ashley tisdale has less dating XP with Zac.

Zac Efron ssheated on Vanessa Hudgens by going out with Ashley Tisdale

yes zac efron is hitting on vanessa to Ashley tisdale i got told that zac dumped vanessa

Well right now Zac Efron is dating Vanessa hudgens.=)

no Zac Efron was dating Ashley Tisdale before, now he is going out with Vanessa Hudgens.

zac efron ...because he wanted to go with vanessa

Zac Efron is going out with Vanessa but he has a crush on Ashley Tisdale.

Ashley tisdale and vanessa ♥

no because he is in love with Ashley tisdale

no Ashley and vanessa are bff they would never fight

Ashley tisdale is the girl for zac efron cause vanessa is stuck up!!!!!!!!!!That is sooooooooooooooo NOT true!

By far Vanessa Hudgens! Later, Ashley dated for about a week, but Vanessa was first.

Zac didn't marry.He is dating with Vanessa..:)

zac efron and Ashley tisdale have feelings for each other but they will not admit to them. currently zac is dating vanessa hudgens and Ashley is dating Scott speer

Ashley Tisdale is recently dating Zac Efron he is only dating Vanessa Ann Hudgens for show.

no Ashley tisdale admited zac efron was a nice looking guy but they are defonatly not going out as zac efron is currently with co-star vanessa anne hudgens at the current moment

Zac Efron likes Vanessa Hugens. And maybe he also likes Ashley Tisdale.

Yes a lot !!!!!! more than vanessa!!!!!!!!( Zac Efron Lover)

Yes he really likes Ashley and vanessa. Once he dumped Vanessa and went with Ashleyno Zack loves vannesa

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