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The other date is likely 1964 the year Kennedy was killed. It's a novelty con with no collectible value.

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what is the value of 1945d penny

what is the value of a 1912 lincoln wheat penny

There's no such coin. Lincoln is on the penny.

Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909. The value depends on the date and condition.

Abraham Lincoln is on every United States penny. The value of an Abraham Lincoln coin is worth one penny or more depending on the year, rarity, and condition.

it really depends. if its an Indian head penny its probably a dollar. a penny with Lincoln is a really a penny because Lincoln went on the penny in about the mid 1900's.

A 1986 Lincoln Penny in good condition is worth face value. A 1986 Lincoln Penny in perfect condition is worth ten to fifteen cents.

A 1943 steel penny is worth just that 1cent.

No such thing. Abe Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909.

The 1959 Lincoln cent is still in circulation and is only face value.

The value of this coin is about three dollars.

Lincoln pennies weren't minted until 1909.

One cent. It's part of the Lincoln Bicentennial series.

One penny. They were not issued that way and have no collector's value. And Lincoln was never a Freemason.

Lincoln cents with Kennedy's face counter stamped on them are novelty coins that have no numismatic value at all. Many different dates and mintmarks exist, but they are still only face value.

A 1938 Lincoln Cent in good (G-4) condition carries a value of: 5 cents.

Average retail value is $2.00 in EF-40.

These pennies were made in the billions. The current value is one cent.

You'll get all of one cent for it.

It's worth exactly one cent.