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ummm no the clips arent even remotely similar


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These are very rare because they dicontinued them

The Ranger 22 was built by Marlin firearms, try a clip that fits the folowing Marlin Rifles. 50-50E, 80C, 780. You are looking for something that was built in the 1930s.

single shot is not semi auto . what mod what year?

Assuming it is a Marlin Model 60, between $125-$175, depending on condition.

If you want a lever get the Marlin, if you want a pump get the Remington, if however you want a semi-auto get a Ruger.

Your Marlin model 60 semi-auto .22cal rifle was made in the year 1992.

Ruger 1022 .22cal rifle (semi-auto) Remington 572 Fieldmaster .22 (pump)

With the serial number that you have provided,your Marlin model 60 semi-auto .22cal rifle was made in the year 1994.

If you have a model 60 then 50-100 dollars.

Your Marlin model 989 which was a semi auto promotional model will range in price from 75-150 dollar,depending on overall condition. has a store brand conversion chart that might help.

A Marlin Glenfield Model 60 .22 caliber semi auto rifle with a squirrel engraved in the stock and a serial number 20160178 is worth between $100 and $300. The actual value varies greatly based on its overall condition.

$75-$150, depending on condition. That is if your rifle is a semi-auto. It would be a Marlin 49. However, Western Auto also had a 150M, which is a Marlin 39A- Value $300-$450

The Marlin model 50 semi-auto 22cal.promotional rifle,which was made from 1931-1935,ranges in price from 85-150 dollars today.

Pretty broad question- there are SEVERAL different models of Marlin semi, different finishes, etc. One of the most common is probably the Model 60. Values may range from $70-$150 for an average specimen.

If your Revelation 150 is a tube fed semi-auto .22 rifle, it was likely made for Western Auto by the Marlin Company, and is a Marlin Model 49. Depending on the part you need, you may find it at gunpartscorp website, or check with a gunsmith.

Your Marlin model 98 promotional model semi-auto ,22cal rifle which was made between 1957-1959.Is valued at between 75-150 dollars.

Model 49, 1968-1971. The Model 49DL was made 1971-1978.

If you have the Marlin model 88-C model,this promotional model semi-auto .22cal rifle was made from 1948-1956.If you have the model 88-DL model,this was made from 1953-1956.

I'm not sure how old the model is, but mine was purchased by my father in the late 70's brand new.

No such thing. You can own a semi-auto rifle that LOOKS LIKE a rifle with semi and full auto capabilities in IL

One is being sold on

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