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Yes. A felony conviction is not like a traffic ticket - it doesn't go away with time, but rather, stays with you for life.

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Q: Does a 14 year old felony prohibit from firearm purchase?
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After 20 year felony can you own a firearm in florida?

If a person has a felony you cannot own a gun. It does not matter how long you have had the felony.

Can you purchase a legal firearm if a have a 20 year old felony record and have not committed any crimes since that original offense?

Not if your case is still pending. If you've been cleared of charges, then yes.

Can you own a gun with a bcd?

Assuming that bcd is Bad Conduct Discharge, the answer is Maybe. A Bad Conduct Discharge ALONE does not prohibit possession of a firearm. Federal law (18 US Code 922) lists the conditions that WILL prohibit possessing a gun. Discharge from the military under Dishonorable conditions is one. However, a BCD is not a Dishonorable Discharge- it is a Discharge under other than Honorable conditions. HOWEVER- if the BCD resulted from a court martial finding of guilt, AND it was for a felony (punishable by a year or more in prison), then the CONVICTION will prohibit possessing a firearm.

How much time can a person get for aggravted battery with a firearm?

This is a felony offense, the minimum would be at least one year and one day in prison.

Can you purchase a handgun with a 10 year old felony?

You need to get a judge to expunge your records.

If you were a juvenile delinquent would you be able to purchase a firearm legally?

That depends. In the US, persons that have been convicted of a felony (serious crime such as murder, robbery, rape, grand larceny) loss their right to possess a firearm. In the case of a juvenile, tried as an adult, the same law applies. If a juvenile is tried as a juvenile, and is found "not innocent" of a crime that would be a felony for an adult, then they are also prohibited from possessing a firearm. Example- 15 year old commits an armed robbery, is arrested, tried as a juvenile, is found "not innocent" of armed robbery= now prohibited from possessing any firearm. The same 15 year old is arrested for shoplifting a $15 CD, and is found "not innocent" of petty theft MAY possess a firearm once they become an adult,

Can a seventeen year old buy own a firearm in the state of Texas?

Legally, no. You must be 18 to purchase a rifle or shotgun, and 21 to purchase a handgun.

What is the penalty for a convicted felon found to own a firearm in California?

In addition to California law that makes possession of a firearm by a convicted felon a STATE felony, Federal law prohibits possession, and requires a 5 year sentence, without probation or parole.

How long after a felony conviction can a person own a firearm?

In the United States, there is no certain number of years. If you are a felon, you cannot own a gun unless you have successfully petitioned to have your gun rights restored.

If a 19 year old is indicted on burglary class 2 felony possession of a stolen gun class 2 felony possession of firearm without foid class A misdemeanor possession of ammunition without foid class A?

If a 19 year old with no record is indicted on a class 2 felony burgalary charge, a class 2 possession of a stolen firearm, a class A misdemeanor for firearm without a foid card, a class A misdemeanor for possession of ammunition without a foid card and a class A misdemeanor criminal trespass to vehicles is just probation possible or is prison mandatory? The defendant is blaming drug abuse and is currently in rehab trial date is continued.

Can a convicted felon get a hunting license in Michigan?

Yes you can but be remind that a felon can not be in possecion of a firearm .so that limits you to cross and bow and arrow.If you get caught hunting with firearm you will be charged with another felony with a 3 year manatory sentence.

Do federal sentencing take in consideration 20 year old prior felony when sentencing for possession of firearm by a felon?

Doesn't matter how old the felony is - it doesn't go away. Whether it happened last week or 20 years ago makes no difference as far as the law is concerned.