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Does a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country have a separate belt for the air conditioner or does it run off the serpentine belt?

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A/C Condenser is on the serpentine route.

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How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1995 jeep Cherokee country?

I have a 1995 Cherokee Country. Open up your eyes this time and look behind the top right pulley that operates the power steering pump. On the left side of the pump down about 3 - 4 inches at a 45 degree angle you will see the head of a bolt. if you begin to loosen this it will relieve the pressure on your serpentine belt.

Where is the serpentine belt adjustment bolt on a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country?

The serpentine belt tensioner is spring loaded. There is no adjustment.

How do you change serpentine belt on a 1995 Chrysler Town and Country?

You can loosen your 1995 Chrysler Town and Country serpentine belt by loosening the tensioner pulley. Push the loosen the tensioner pulley to the right. The old serpentine belt can be easily removed. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley by pushing it to the left.

How do you route the serpentine belt in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country?

It depends on the engine and if you have A/C. Check out for the maintenance manual. Belt routings are on pages 939 and 940. Please be sure to leave a small donation so that they can maintain the website.

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