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yes it does

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Q: Does a 2000 Pontiac firebird have a egr valve?
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Will a 1995 Pontiac firebird 3.4L run without the egr valve?

can you clean a egr valve on a 1995 pontiac firebird with a 3.,4 litre motor

How do you change the EGR valve in a 2001 Pontiac Firebird with a 3.8L V6 engine?

the two bolts, one on each side of the egr valve.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird?

The EGR Valve on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird is located just to the left of the engine oil dipstick. There's nothing in the way so it's pretty easy to get to and replace. Hope this helps! -Erin

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 4 cylinder?

The EGR valve is located on the side of the intake on the 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. It is close to the intake manifold.

Where's the EGR valve on a 1996 Pontiac Firebird?

backside of the intake manifold under the hood cowl.

How do you replace n electronic egr valve on a 91 Pontiac firebird 3.1 liter engine?

Remove the wiring from the top of the EGR then unbolt it at the bottom of the EGR system. You may need to replace the gasket after replacing the EGR itself

Where is the EGR valve on a 1993 Pontiac 23?

As I recall, that engine does not have an EGR valve.

Egr valve location?

Does a 2000 pontiac gran am 4 cyl. Have an egr valve all that parts stores have is a gasket. Gm says it does not have one. Car shakes and shimmies when you stop at an intersection which everyone says check the EGR valve

Where is the egr valve on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am?

does a 2004 grand am ,2.2 l have a egr valve

Where is the egr valve on the 91 Pontiac Grand Am?

Would this cause the car not to start If the EGR VALVE is bad

How do you replace egr valve on 2004 Pontiac grand am?

location of egr valve on 04 grand am v6

Where is the egr valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

Where is the EGR valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer