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Q: Does a 2006 dodge stratus have 2 serpentine belts?
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How do you install serpentine belt and tensioner pulley on a 2006 dodge stratus?


What type of transmission fluid does a 2006 dodge stratus use?

A 2006 Dodge Stratus uses Mopar ATF+4.

How do you change serpentine belt on 2006 dodge ram 1500?

I am looking for the diagram for the serpentine belt for a 2006 Dodge Ram quad cab.

How do you replace alternator on 2006 dodge stratus?

change an alternator in a dodge 2006

How do you change a headlight on a 2002 dodge stratus?

See my answer on 'How do you change the headlamp on a 2006 Dodge Stratus? Hope it helps ...

Will dodge bring back the Stratus RT?

Dodge produced the Stratus RT from 2002-2006. As of October 2014, there are no plans to reintroduce it. The Stratus was succeeded by the Avenger.

Are the rear brakes on a 2002 Dodge Stratus drums?

They are drum on a 2006 Stratus SXT.

How do you fix code p0513 on your dodge stratus?

The Dodge Stratus was produced from the years 1995 to 2006. The best way to fix the P0513 code in a Dodge Stratus is to disconnect the negative terminal and then reset the ECM.

Can you put a 2000 dodge stratus engine into a 2006 dodge neon?

No, it will not interchange.

Does 2006 Dodge Stratus key have a chip in it?

Yes it does.

Is there a crank sensor in 2006 dodge stratus?


Does a 2006 dodge stratus have a cabin air filter?


Where can one find information on the engine of a 2006 Dodge Stratus?

An individual can find information on the engine of a 2006 Dodge Stratus by reading the owners manual or taking it to a local mechanic and asking for his or her opinion.

Where is the thermostat on a 2006 2.4L dodge stratus?

The thermostat is under the housing where the upper radiator hose attaches to the engine on a 2.4 liter Dodge Stratus.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2006 dodge stratus?

Where is a camshaft position senser located on a 2006 dodge durango/

Is there a brake light fuse on a 2006 dodge stratus?


What size of a fuel tank does a 2006 dodge stratus has?

16 gallons

How much does a 2006 Dodge Stratus weigh?

Around 3,000 lbs

Does 2006 dodge stratus 2.4 have a timing belt or chain?


Where are the grease fittings located on a 2006 dodge stratus?

It doesn't have any.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch for a 2006 dodge stratus?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

Location of a 2006 dodge stratus crankshaft sensor?

2006 dodge stratus 2.4 XST, the crank sensor is located under the starter motor, must be removed the starter motor in order to change this, just now I did that job

How much would key cost for 2006 dodge stratus?

The Dodge dealer wants $40.00 for the key and programming it.

What kind of coolant does a 2006 dodge stratus use?

Red, 5 year.

2006 dodge stratus automatic transmission OIL?

Mopar ATF+4