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Tubes are quite forgiving, and most will cover a range of sizes. You don't want to go too small, and you you don't want to go too big. Any tube in the 1.8-2.2 range in 26", and with the right type of valve will do.

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There is a good chance it will, though technically it shouldn't I know many bikers who have done so without a hitch, so in short yes

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Q: Does a 26 by 2.175 intertube fit a 26 by 2.2 tire on a mountain bike?
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What do you call the tire used in swimming or beach?

an intertube.

What is mountain bike tire pressure?

40 psi

Can you use a tube on a tubless mountain bike tire?

Yes you can.

Can you mount a 2.0 wide mountain bike tire on a rim that came with a 1.9 wide tire?

Of course you can.

Can a 26 inch bike frame use a 27 inch tire?

MAYBE - , frame size has nothing to do with tire size. Style does, and if its a mountain bike, it will not work with a 27 (road racing) wheel and tire. Brakes will not fit.

What year was the mountain bike built in?

In 1979 the first official mountain bike was launched. Tom Ritchey of Redwood city, California started building fat-tire frames. The Lawwill Pro Cruiser was the first mountain bike which was sold for $500 overseas.

What are some good wheel and tire packages for mountain bikes?

Several websites offer good wheel and tire packages for mountain bikes. Try Performance Bike, Rocky Mountain or Wiggle. The Halfords website is also excellent.

How much is 1 bike tire?

motor bike or bike bike? I have tires on my Mountain bike which run 50-60 each. but they are for downhill and are pretty top end.

What does durometer refer to in a mountain bike tire?

The hardness of the rubber. Softer rubber gives better grip on rock, but wear faster.

How do I find a replacement bike tire?

In order to find the proper replacement for your bike tire you need to measure the wheel and determine which type of tire your bike uses. You can also take it to a bike repair shop and they can help you pick out a replacement tire.

How do you find a bike tire?

You can find a bike tire by visiting a local bike shop or even a retail store like Walmart.

What is a better shape for a bike tire?

It depends what use the bicycle is put to, it may be a racer, a road going tourer or an off-road mountain or trail bike. All have very different tires.