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That will depend on the specific stamp. Some of the varieties of commemoratives and even definitives with specific markings and perforations can be of moderate value. Consult a postage stamp catalog to find out.

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Q: Does a 4p1968 stamp have any value?
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Are there any sites online that have stamp values?

Online sites that have stamp value guides include Stamp Collecting Resources, Stamps Site UK, Hobbizine, Find Your Stamps Value, Stamp Treasures and Mystic Stamp.

How any can find market rate of a stamp?

Consult a postage stamp catalog to identify the stamp. It will also provide a general value for the item.

Is there any value to a republic de cuba correos 1 cent stamp?


What is the value of an unused 1919 post office officially sealed stamp?

If you are certain that it is from 1919, then it must be Scott Catalogue number OX21. The catalogue value is $0.20. That is the minimum value for any stamp listed. Therefore, the true market value for the stamp is very small - maybe around $0.05-0.10.

What is the value of the tulip stamp?

The tulip stamp was marked as the F Flower stamp. It has a face value of 29 cents.

Is there any value to the coin and stamp issued when the royal couple get engaged?

No they won't get valued

What does minimal value mean for a stamp?

Minimal value means that there is no real value to the stamp. You can purchase a copy for whatever the minimum cost a dealer has set, usually about 15 or 20 cents. That is to cover the cost of handling the stamp rather than the stamp having any real value of its own. Most dealers will not be bothered to buy these unless they are complete sets. Mint sheets are often sold at 80% of the face value.

What is the value of 2009 Liberty Bell forever stamp?

It is a forever stamp. It is good for the current value of a first class stamp.

Whats United Nations April 25th1945 stamp worth?

This stamps is listed in the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog as number 928. The catalog value is 20c used or unused. This is the minimum value assigned to any stamp. It is not uncommon to to see stamp dealers and stamp collectors use this on their mail. Jim Forte

What is the value of a top value stamp toppie the elephant sign?

The value of a Top Value Stamp, "Toppie," the elephant sign is approximately $42. The better the condition of the stamp, the more money it will be worth.

What is value of postage stamp Season's Greetings 1981?

Face value of the original stamp was $0.20

A1910 1955 half penny stamp value?

The value of the 1910 1955 penny stamp value is one pound.