Stamp Collecting (Philately)

Questions about the hobby of postage stamp collecting and those little pieces of paper that fascinate everyone from the young school child to presidents and monarchs.

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Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Elvis Presley

What are 29 cent Elvis Presley stamps worth?

29 cents in new unused condition.

1 cent to 5 cents for used stamps.

World War 2
Stamp Collecting (Philately)
WW2 Homefront

What is the value of World War 2 ration books with all the unused stamps intact?

World War 2 Ration Books

  • The war ration was not very high. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collector's circle is not very high. A complete book might get $10, whereas partial books and single stamps are not going to be anywhere near as valuable.

    The sentimental value is of more value, as it reminds people of the struggles and their contribution to the war effort.

  • I agree completely with the sentimental value when finding out that in 1945+, one had to use these stamps to purchase food. Families also had to do an inventory of what they had in their pantry, and they would have to actually subtract their stamps from the book, based on their inventory.
  • Rationing ended in 1945; ration stamps obviously have no objective economic value. But they are collected by some people, so they have subjective collectible value. The best way to find the current going prices would be to search eBay auctions for stamps like yours.
  • Fewer of the ration stamps were used in Books 2 & 3, making them less valuable.

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Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What is the cost of a letter stamp to Spain?

Postage to Spain from the US is 98 cents in 2010.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

Price of a the hermitage stamp?

Scott US#1037

This 4 1/2 cent stamp was issued in 1954 as part of the Famous Americans definitive series in use until 1961. It can be purchased for 15 cents used and 40 cents mint through a dealer. The low price indicates that it is of nominal value and a dealer is not likely to purchase a single copy.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Postage and Shipping

Where can you buy Italy postage stamps?

The easiest way is to buy them from the Italian Post Office. You can purchase them online through their web site. Stamp dealers typically have a selection as well.

History, Politics & Society
Stamp Collecting (Philately)

Is a one penny stamp worth anything purple?

There are too many variables to provide an answer here. Is the stamp used or mint? Is it US or another country? How old is it? The stamp could have been issued a month ago or 170 years ago. Is it in good condition or ripped and thin?

Consult a good stamp catalog to learn how to identify the stamp and to understand how they are valued.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

How much did stamps cost in 1965?

First Class postage in 1963 went up to 5 cents for the first ounce on January 7th. This rate was valid through January 7 1968. At that point it went up to 6 cents.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Harry Truman

What year is 20c Harry S. Truman stamp?


The 20-cent Harry S. Truman regular stamp was issued on January 26, 1984, in Washington, DC. The stamp issuance honored the centennial of the birth of the 33rd US president (1945-53).

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) entered politics as a county judge in 1922. He was Franklin D. Roosevelt's running mate in 1944. His vice presidency lasted less than three months, until Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945. Truman spent a turbulent period in office, and he ordered the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and Korean War in 1950. He is considered a man who led the US into international confrontation with Soviet and Chinese communism.

The stamp was engraved through the intaglio process.


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Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th ed., s.v. "Harry S. Truman."

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What does CV mean in stamp collecting?

CV means catalog value. In most instances you can buy a stamp for much less than catalog value. It is not uncommon to be able to buy them for 25-50% of CV. Of course, that also means that selling a stamp for 25% of CV is a good deal, more likely get about 10%, unless it is a very high value stamp.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Postage and Shipping

How much is a first class forever stamp?


Stamp Collecting (Philately)

How much is a 1967 10 cent Bermuda stamp worth?

10 cents toward postage if you use it on a letter mailed in Bermuda. Otherwise, less.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

How do you get dry ink off of a stamp?

Well, dry ink is what is used to cancel stamps. Washing cancellations off stamps can be illegal based on Federal law or it could be fraud if intended to make the stamp worth more money. Stamps and the inks used to print and cancel them are designed to prevent this from happening.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

How much are Zeppelin stamps worth?

That depends a great deal on what you mean when referring to Zeppelin stamps.

US C-13, C-14 and C-15 - Commonly referred to as "The Zeppelins" can be purchased for around $1,800 for a set mint or used. A dealer might purchase them for 60-75% of that value.

US C-18 pictures a Zeppelin type airship and it can be purchased for $170 mint and $140 used.

Many collectors are looking for covers (envelopes with stamps and cancellations intact) that were carried by Zepplins, usually indicated by a special cancellation of cachet. These are fairly rare and can easily bring hundreds of dollars, may be more if they have one of the Zeppelin stamps on them!

Other countries have issued Zeppelin stamps as well, you would need to consult a catalog for that country to determine value.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

Are two second class stamps equal to one first class stamp?

The US does not have second class stamps nowadays. US first-class postage is 46 cents (as of January 27, 2013) and any combination of stamps that have a value of 46 cents or more will work.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Postage and Shipping

What year were 8 cent stamps first issued?


Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What is value of 4 cent overland mail stamp?

on e-bay they are going for 3 to 7 dollars

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What years were there 3 cent stamps?

1847 through 1947

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What is the value of a 1801-1809 3 cent stamp?

First of all, stamps were not issued until 1840, so the years indicate something to do with the subject of the stamp, not how old it is. You would have to use a catalog to determine the actual value of the item, but I suspect it is from a recent set issued in the last ten years or so, and have a minimum catalog value.

Prior to the issue of the first postage stamp in the US (1847), people mailed envelopes (not envelopes like we are used too, but mostly just paper folded over and sealed) with hand-stamped prices and/or ink marks as cancellations. These envelopes had various prices stamped on them or a hand-stamp of the town. They are called 'STAMPLESS COVERS'. There is a catalog for stamp-less covers titled: 'American Stamp-less Cover Catalog' it can be obtained from: U.S. Philatelic Classic Society Literature, Box 750368, New Orleans, La. 70176-0368

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What does B.O.B. stand for in stamps?

B.O.B. stands for 'back of the book". The name comes from the way the catalogs list stamps. Stamps issued for special purposes such as air mail, special delivery, postage due collection, tax collection, official government mail, military post offices and other things, are listed behind the regular postage stamps and given special catalog numbers.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Acronyms & Abbreviations

What does CTO stand for?

CTO in the philatelic world refers to Canceled To Order. It is not a good thing. These stamps are actually printed with the cancellation already on them. It is done by countries that are printing the stamps primarily for sale to collectors, not for postage. Many such items are not even listed in the catalog.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
United States of America
Postage and Shipping
United States

How much does a postcard stamp cost?

The cost to mail a US postcard 6 inches by 4 1/2 inches is 32 cents as of Feb 2012.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Century - 1800s

How much did a stamp cost in the 1800s?

It was originally priced in the US at 5 cents for a first class letter. In 1863 the cost was 3 cents for half an ounce. It dropped to 2 cents in 1883 and then was made 2 cents for a full ounce in 1885.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)

How do you get stamps unstuck from wax paper?

Put it in the freezer. This will harden the adhesive and allow you to get them off. The other option would be to soak them in water, but that will remove the glue.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Postage and Shipping

How much was a postage stamp in 1910?

The cost of an ounce of First Class US postage in 1910 was 2 cents. That rate went into effect in 1893 . It stayed at that price until it took a temporary jump to 3 cents during World War 1.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Princess Diana

What is the value of Princess Diana stamps?

Diana and Charles were a popular topic for postage stamps from many countries. You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. There are lots of stamps issued and they vary in value from almost nothing to some nice values.

Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the catalogs are well illustrated with lots of information. Once you know what item you have, the catalog will provide a set of prices that can be used to estimate value. The value is what a collector could expect to pay for a stamp in fine/very fine condition. If selling, most cases you would be lucky to get 25% of the catalog, unless it is very valuable, then an auction would be worth looking into. The most common American catalog for identification is Scott's. Others are Stanley Gibbons, Minkus and even the US Postal Service Catalog of stamps.

*Because these were made after the 1930's most dealers will only pay 1/2 face. You are more likely to get more from a Diana fan or Stamp collector.


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