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Does a Colombian citizen need an American citizen to sponsor them in order to visit the US?

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Can Yemeni citizen marry a US citizen and live in the US?

Yes, but the US citizen should sponsor his/her spouse's immigration in order for him/her to get a green card.

How old must a sponsor for an immigrant be?

A sponsor should be atleast 18 years of age at the time of sponsoring an immigrant. He/she should be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident in order to be a sponsor.

What are the differences between a legal alien and a natural-born citizen of us?

a legal alien cannot vote or sponsor people over to the US and they need to have a permanent residents card in order to work and travel within the US. A natural born citizen is some one who is born in the US and is a American citizen. They can vote, sponsor relatives over, etc.

Do you have to be an American citizen in order to work for the FBI?


What papers are needed for a US born citizen and a colombian with no visa need in order to get married?

Both passports and birth certificates , make sure u have ur Colombian birth certificate translated and notarized . Good luck

Can a fiance of an American citizen legally work in the US if they are a Canadian citizen?

No, the Canadian has to be married to the American in order to live or work in America. Because you have to be married to an American to get a green card in order to do that.

Do children have to take the test to become an American citizen if the child was not born in the US?

Yes, once you are a certain age, in order to be living in the U.S.A, you have to take the test to be considered a American Citizen.

Do you have to be an American citizen to enlist in the military?

No, many people join the military in order to get their citizenship

Do both parents need to be American citizens for their child to be a citizen?

No, to be born an American citizen you have to be born on American soil. Such as America or an American embassy. I believe that you only have to have one parent from the country in order to access some kind of resident visa and or long term citizenship.

How many years you must have lived in the u.s in order to run for president?

you have to be a American citizen for 8 years in order to run for president

Is marrying a U.S Citizen in order to become a U.S citizen illegal?

Yes, marrying a U.S. Citizen in order to become a U.S. citizen is illegal.

Do you have to be a citizen to file a restraining order?

No - anyone, citizen or not, can file, and be granted a restraining order.

If one parent is a US citizen and the other is not is the child a natural born American?

Yes. If the US citizen is the father and the child was born outside the US, the child may later need to prove paternity in order to be recognized as a citizen.

You have dual citizenship and you want to marry a Mexican citizen he was never entered the country illegal and you want to get married in Mexico what do you do so he can come to the USA illegally?

You have to be a tax paying American in the first place. Then, after you have made your marriage official, you should contact the INS in order to do the paper works so that you can sponsor him to come to the US legally.

Can you obtain a passport from a city which is not your native?

Passports aren't issued by cities, they are issued by countries. In order to have a passport, you need to be a citizen of the country you are applying to. So if you are a British citizen, you get a UK passport, if you are a Canadian citizen, you get a Canadian passport. It doesn't matter where you were born, it's what country you are a citizen. If you don't have citizenship then you cannot have a passport. Ex: A Canadian citizen, who is NOT an American citizen cannot have a US passport.

How do you become legal by marrying citizen?

Even if you marry an American citizen, you would still need to get a green card, etc., and it can happen that spouses of American citizens do not get these. The best thing would be to consult with a lawyer to make sure that you take all the right steps in the right order.

What was the process of becoming an American citizen?

In order to become an American citizen, a person should first become 18 yrs old. Next is becoming a legal permanent resident - getting a green card. He/ she has to then maintain the required continuous residency status and permanent residency status. Becoming a US citizen is not a one-day process but a lengthy one.

Can your citizenship be taken away by living your whole life in Mexico?

No. If you are a a native-born or naturalized American citizen your citizenship cannot be removed from you - UNLESS - you used fraud in order to gain your American citizenship.

What must a good citizen do in order to help preserve democracy?

In order to preserve democracy a citizen must abide by the laws of democracy.

Do you have to be a lawyer in order to be president?

No, you don't. And the best presidents have not been. The only requirements for the Presidency is to be a native-born American citizen and 35 years old.

Can a felon of moral turpitude who came legally on F-1 and now on order of supervision can he adjust his status after been married to us citizen yes or no if yes how can he go about it?

Yea, it is possible for a felon of moral turpitude who came legally on F-1, who is now on order of supervision, adjust his status after being married to a US citizen. In order for the individual to regain the ability to enter the US they would have to petition for a waiver. If accepted for the waiver the individuals spouse can then sponsor them for US citizenship.

How does a Turkish citizen get a German passport?

In order to get a German passport one must be a German citizen.

What Good Citizenship Value of Order?

if your a good citizen the cops appreciate you being a good citizen

Is Mary Kay business legitimate or scheme?

The Mary Kay business is a legitimate business. A person must sponsor (who must be a Mary Kay sales representative to begin with) you in order for you to be able to sell Mary Kay products. And your sponsor also trains you and gives the prices of each thing. You order your supplies from Mary Kay and not your sponsor though.

If both parents are US citizens born in the US and they have a child and it is born in another country is this child able to be president?

No the child cannot be president. The child would be an American Citizen because the parents are but in order to become president of the US you have to be a born citizen.