Does a Navajo wedding basket and koi fish connect?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Does a Navajo wedding basket and koi fish connect?
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What is a fish basket called?

a fish basket

What fish did the Navajo Indians fish for?

Navajo did not fish in traditional times. Eating fish and most water animals or birds was taboo. There are 300,000 Navajo today so some fish and some do not.

What is a fish basket?

A wire basket used to hold fish in after being caught.

What do you call a basket that is use for catching fish?

'Basket Fish Trap' appears to be, generally, the most common name.

Another word for fish basket?

cradle of fish

What is a wicker basket for holding fish called?

A fisherman's wicker basket is called a creel.

Were did the navaho's fisherman fish at?

It was taboo to eat fish or other water animals so there were no Navajo fishermen in the past. Now some people fish.

Basket to hold fish?


What do basket stars eat?


Basket for transporting fish?


Did Navajo Indians fish?

No, traditionally, eating fish was taboo to Navajos.

Where did the Navajo fish?

Traditionally eating fish and water animals and water birds was taboo. So they did not fish.