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No, they are only in Australia. If any are found elsewhere, it had to have been brought there, and it is presently illegal to take them to other countries. It is unlikely a platypus would survive long in a place like Florida with crocodiles and alligators.

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Does the platypus live in Brazil?

No. The platypus does not live in Brazil. It is native to Australia alone.

Why does a platypus live?

why do you live

Does the platypus live in a pack?

No. The platypus is a solitary animal.

Do platypus live in land or sea?

A platypus can live on land, but spends much time in freshwater.

Does a platypus lay eggs or live birth?

The platypus lays eggs.

What type of birth does the Florida panther give?

Panthers are mammals- and like all mammals (except the platypus) give live birth to their babies.

Does the platypus live in India?

No. The platypus does not live in India. It is found only in Australia, specifically, the eastern half of the continent.

Is Perry the platypus as a secret agent at Disney world in Florida?

No he is not.

Does a dog live longer than a platypus?

Yes, because dogs live about 15 years while platypus live only about 10.

What is the social behavior of a platypus?

The platypus is a solitary animal which does not live in social groups.

Does the platypus travel in packs?

No. The platypus does not live or move in packs. It is a solitary animal.

What Animals Live in a wetland habitat?

fish, frogs, crocodiles, aligators, snakes, lizards, goannas, turtles, florida panther, platypus and various insects

Is a platypus a placental?

No. The platypus is a monotreme, which is an egg-laying mammal. It does not give live birth.

Where do platypus fish live?

There is no such species as a platypus fish. There is just the platypus, an egg-laying mammal endemic to the eastern states of Australia.

What mammals live in the river?


Does a platypus live only in Australia?

There is only one species of platypus, and it is entirely endemic to Australia, meaning it does not live anywhere else.

If the platypus lived in eastern Australia what adaptations would it not need?

The Platypus does live in Eastern Australia

What do you use a platypus for?

One does not use a platypus for anything. One allows it to live in peace in the wild.

What type of water does a platypus live in?

The platypus lives only in fresh water. They cannot live in stagnant water, but require unpolluted water.

How big is a platypus at birth?

Platypuses are not born live, but hatched from eggs. When a baby platypus first hatches, it is about the size of a bean.Platypus do not give birth, they lay eggs.

Does a platypus live in the Pacific?

The platypus lives in eastern Australia. Australia is in the South Pacific. So it could be said that platypuses live in the Pacific, but they do not live in the ocean. They are freshwater animals.

What is the difference between a dog and a platypus?

A dog does not have a bill equipped with electroreceptors, but a platypus does. A dog gives live birth, but a platypus reproduces by laying eggs. A dog has teeth; a platypus has grinding plates.

Did the platypus ever live in north America?

No, the platypus is native to Australia, nowhere else and nobody else.

Does a platypus lay eggs or live young?

A platypus reproduces by laying eggs. Like the echidna, it is a monotreme.

Does a platypus live in a community?

No. Platypuses are solitary animals, and do not live in communities.

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