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Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

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Q: Does a Tasmanian devil eat another Tasmanian devil?
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What Tasmanian devil mammals and possums eat?

Tasmanian devils eat possums

How do you make a Tasmanian devel?

Find a Tasmanian and give him courses in computer programming.You can't "make" a Tasmanian Devil (unless you're another Tasmanian Devil, in which case you find a Tasmanian Devil of the opposite sex and get busy).

Can a tiger eat a Tasmanian devil?

If the two species occupies the same continent, which they do not, then a tiger could very easily eat a Tasmanian devil. Currently, there are no opportunities for tigers to consume Tasmanian devils.

How can the Tasmanian devil eat bones?

The Tasmanian devil has particularly strong jaws which are powerful enough tobute through bones.

How much does a Tasmanian Devil eat per day?

A Tasmanian devil can eat about 15% of its body weight a day, but it will eat up to 40% of its body weight in 30 minutes if the chance arises.

What is the Tasmanian devil's co-animal?

There is no "co-animal" for the Tasmanian devil. It is a solitary species that does not interact with other species, except to hunt and eat them.

What animal does not get eaten by a Tasmanian devil?

Any animal larger than a wallaby will not be attacked or hunted by a Tasmanian devil. However, there is no limit to the size of an animal it will eat if the animal is already dead, as the Tasmanian devil is a scavenger as well as a hunter.

What competition does a Tasmanian Devil have?

The Tasmanian devil's only native competitor for food is the quol. However, the quoll is a much smaller dasyurid, and is certainly not a competitor for the carrion which Tasmanian devils eat. Foxes have been introduced fairly recently into Tasmania, and they, too, are competition for the Tasmanian devil.

What do Tasmanian Devils eat in the zoo?

The Tasmanian Devil eats insects, mammals up to the size of a wombat, and carrion.

Are Tasmanian Devil edible?

Tasmanian devils are not edible though they would have been eaten by the Tasmanian Aborigines. It would also be illegal to try to eat them.

How do you spell tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devil is the correct spelling.

Why is a Tasmanian devil called a devil?

The Tasmanian devil, the largest living marsupial carnivore, earned its common name because of its blood-curdling nocturnal screams. "Sarcophilus Harrisi," which means "Harris's flesh lover."