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The Tasmanian Devil eats insects, mammals up to the size of a wombat, and carrion.


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No. People do not eat Tasmanian devils.

Tasmanian devils do not eat plants. They are completely carnivorous.

Yes: Tasmanian devils eat rabbits, as well as other small mammals.

Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

Foxes can be predators of young Tasmanian devils. They are no match for an adult Tasmanian devil.

Tasmanian tigers, more correctly known as Thylacines, do not eat Tasmanian devils. Thylacines are extinct. Prior to the Thylacine's extinction, the two species were both at the top of the food chain, and Thylacines did not eat Tasmanian devils then, either.

Tasmanian Devils live in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. Their habitat is coastal heath, open dry sclerophyll forest and mixed sclerophyll-rainforest. Tasmanian Devils eat snakes, birds, rodents, lizards and wallabies. A lot of insects, larvae and especially carcasses or dead animal bodies are eaten by the Tasmanian devils. Mainly Tasmanian Devils eat whatever is available.

Currently, in April 2011, there are Tasmanian Devils on display at Australia Zoo. See the related link for more details.

Dingoes do not eat Tasmanian devils. There are no dingoes on the Australian island of Tasmania, and there are no Tasmanian devils remaining on the Australian mainland. When the two species co-existed on the mainland, scientists do not believe that dingoes took on Tasmanian devils as predator to prey, but that the two species were competitors for food.

No. Apart from the fact that wallaroos are not found in Tasmania (the habitat of the Tasmanian devi), wallaroos are too large for Tasmanian devils to hunt. If a Tasmanian devil found a dead wallaroo, it would certainly eat it.

Humans should save Tasmanian Devils because they eat the sick and dead animals.

No. Tasmanian devils feed on prey smaller than themselves, or on carrion. the only time a Tasmanian devil will eat one of its own kind is if it's already dead.

Tasmanian devils do NOT migerate!

No. Tasmanian devils are marsupials.

Yes. Tasmanian Devils are carnivorous, and they are members of the dasyuridae family, meaning the carnivorous marsupials.Tasmanian devils eat a variety of small prey such as snakes, rodents, insects, larvae, birds, fish and mammals such as small wallabies and wombats. Tasmanian devils are also scavengers, meaning they eat carrion (dead animals and road kill).

There is evidence that dingoes eat Tasmanian Devils, if presented with the opportunity. Tasmanian Devils may only be found in Tasmania now, but fossil evidence indicates they were once found throughout the Australian mainland. It is believed that the arrival of the dingo from Asia caused the extinction of both the Tasmanian Devil and the Tasmanian Tiger from the mainland.

If there were stoat in Tasmania, which there are not, it is likely that the Tasmanian devil would eat them, if the opportunity arose. Tasmanian devils favour small mammals, but the stoat could possibly be too quick and fierce to be caught.

Tasmanian devils are nocturnal eaters, hunting and scavenging for food at night.

Of course Tasmanian devils breed. If they didn't, there would be no Tasmanian devils left today. Tasmanian devils are mammals, which are vertebrates. All vertebrates breed.

Yes. While fixes are responsible for eating Tasmanian devil joeys, adult Tasmanian devils will themselves attack and eat foxes. The presence of Tasmanian devils in Tasmania is one reason why fox numbers have not proliferated ... yet.

No. See the related question.

No. Tasmanian Devils eat carrion, which means the dead bodies of animals, as well as live prey which is small, such as up to the size of a wallaby. They would not and could not eat a human being.

There is no specific collective term for a group of Tasmanian devils. Tasmanian devils are solitary animals. At most, an area where numerous Tasmanian devils live is called a colony.

No. Tasmanian devils tend to be solitary hunters, although they may feed with other Tasmanian devils.

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