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If it's magnetic it could be:

A) Plated. Worth only 1 cent

B) An off-metal strike made on a blank intended for a foreign coin. Value unknown but certainly a lot more than a penny.

You'd need to have it examined in person to determine which.

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Q: Does a U.S. 1996 D penny have any value It is completely silver in mint condition and magnetic.?
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What is the color of a 1974 aluminium penny?

In mint condition it will be silver.

How much is a silver penny worth in mint condition and what is a penny from 1967 with a silver front and a goldish looking back?

If by a "silver penny" you mean one of the 1943 steel cents, then in mint condition it's worth a dollar or two. If you mean some other date, then it's silver plated and has no collector value. And your 1967 penny has been altered -- no added value.

Information on a silver 1956 wheat penny the penny is not steel or made of any magnetic metal?

The US has Never made a silver one cent coin, it may have been plated or just looks like silver but it's not silver. The coin has no collectible value at all.

What is 1943 penny worth silver?

1943 cents are steel and zinc, not silver. They're worth 10 cents in average condition and upwards of a dollar in uncirculated condition.

How much is a silver magnetic 1943 penny woth?

The coin is zinc coated steel, not silver, that's why it's magnetic. 1943 steel Lincoln cents are common. Most circulated coins have retail values of 5 to 10 cents.

What is a 1943 silver wheat penny worth today?

They aren't silver, they are steel. They are worth anywhere from 3 to 10 cents in average condition.

What is the best price for a 1943 silver penny?

...The 1943 cent is steel, not silver. In absolutely pristine condition it can go for around 10 cents but are around 4 or 5 cents in average condition.

Is a penny completely copper?

No. In Canada, they are 99.9% copper and 0.1% silver. I am not sure what it is in the USA so go to the mint.

Is 1817 penny silver?

No, there is no silver in a 1817 US penny.

What is the value of a wheat silver or Aluminium penny?

It sounds like you're referring to the 1943 wheat penny, which is actually made of zinc-coated steel, not silver or aluminum. In circulated condition, one is worth about 10 cents.

Is a modern United States penny magnetic?

Neither the original copper or the newer version copper-zinc penny is magnetic. The 1943 steel penny was the only penny effected by a magnet.

Is your 1943 penny steel or silver?

There's no such thing as a 1943 silver cent (or a silver cent for any other year). It's made of zinc-coated steel. If you don't believe me, try picking it up with a magnet. Silver isn't magnetic.