Does a bit of a hairy bum matter to men?


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It all depends on the man. I think it's normal, guys have hair on their bum, so what does it matter if a woman has the same? Personally, I prefer to shave mine. And my husband likes it. But again, he would not be turned off if I did not shave it. I think it's quite normal, and I think you should do whatever makes you happy and comfortable.

From a guys point of view, a bit of hair on the backside of a lady is quite a turn on to some, maybe most guys, but if we're talking monkey here, well you might want to get a wax.


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Some do, it's basically pubic hair. We get a anus and hairy bum cheeks but not everyone does. Not trying to be gross but I have a bit of hair around my anus and it doesn't make any difference, it's nice to touch as well :)

yes they are I agree, I made a little survey and found that hairy guys made love to there wives a bit more often than men that were not so hairy, of course this is only a rough estimate, some men who are not all that hairy are of course sexy too, if nothing else, to some women, hairy men seem more sexy than than hairless men.

Androchaetophobia is the fear of hairy men. Chaetophobia is the fear of hairy people. Androphobia is the fear of men.

This is untrue. Most gay men are not hairy.

men get so hairy because hair sokes up sweat and keeps you from getting infections easaly

becuase your a wierdo lol only kidding maybe you just find hairy men atractive

because they have hairy vaginas

Depends. Some men have a different taste of girls.

not all hairy men are bald That is correct, but I have noticed that men older than 30 who are really hairy on their chests and arms, tend to thin out on head, so by the time they are 40 many are bald on top, something to do with genes in them. Many men who have won hairy chest competitions are completely bald on the head. I have never entered a hairy chest competition, I do have a hairy chest, but not thick enough to win a competition, but I do have still at 66 years of age a reasonable amount of hair on top of my head, thinner, but still a lot, I am not bald.

Most ladies, like men who have a hairy chest first of all. There is nothing sexier to a real women than a man with a hairy chest.

The cast of Hairy Bald Tattooed Men - 2008 includes: Daniel Skoric Simone Starkey

There are many opinions as to which ethnicity has the hairiest men. Many people believe that mean of Middle Eastern, Green, or Italian descent are significantly more hairy than men of another ethnicity.

Yes hairy nipples are normal for Men... but for girls they usually dont grow hair around the nipples.

Because they don't shave them, like women do.

No; baldness and hairiness are not directly correlated.

Hairy men can be attractive to the right person. Some people look beyond the physical appearance of a person. Some people are attracted to the inside of a person, to the kind of person they are and not how they look.

There are some women in the world that do like hairy legs. Each woman is different and will like different things on men.

Some do; some don't. Body hair is actually "in fashion" right now, so you see fewer men waxing and shaving and more going natural. Hairy men are called "bears," and there is a huge subculture of people who are interested in bears.

Back hair off of really hairy men

Being hirsute has no effect on a males fertility.

I have never heard of anyone doing this...especially gay men

A female bum has fine lines as to what it should look like. Men like a nice full bum on a woman. Men like a little something to slap around and have fun with. When a female is wearing tight pants, the bum region should be filled and visible. When she runs, it should bounce around a little, but should not jiggle incessantly.

Michael Cao and a million and more men have hairy legs, I hate men who shave their legs, the exception being professional or club cyclists or swimmers and perhaps other sportsmen too, apart from them I think men who shave their legs are just pure SISSY

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