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no they do not harm you at all what so ever

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Q: Does a bite from a gecko harm you?
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Are Gecko mean?

They are if you bite them!

Is the Tokay Gecko poisonous?

No - but it does have a powerful bite !

Do geckos bite?

Geckos will bite you if you make them mad. For example, a gecko doesn't like it if you pet them under their chin, of you do that for a while they will bite you. being bit by a gecko doesn't hurt, it feels like someone is squeezing your finger, not even a pinch, a squeeze. no they are very harmless it takes a LOT of provoking to make a gecko bite

Does a common leopard gecko bite?

I does if you want it to! =D

Why cant you hold your gecko?

first of all if any breed beside tokay gecko you can hold it! if tokay gecko it is because it does not enjoy it and will bite!

Who is the only animal with a movable upper jaw?

The gecko has a movable upper jaw. This is one of the reasons a gecko has such a strong and fierce bite.

Is there no sure way to safely catch a gecko?

well it depends on your definition of "safely." do you mean safe for the gecko, disease wise for you or the gecko, or are you concerned the gecko will bite you? if the gecko is wild, there is usually not a big chance for disease passing from the gecko to you, although you could pass a disease to the gecko, but it's unlikely...if your scared the gecko will bite you, well, it probably wont break the skin so there's really nothing to worry about there:)

Should you hold a pregnant gecko?

Well it doesn't do anything to the gecko but she might bite you. if you want my two sense no.

What is a leopard gecko's bite force?

leopard geckos don't bite very hard. its bite force is probably around 15 pounds

How deadly is a wolf spider bite?

they do bite but cant harm

Are rabbits harm full?

They can bite but that's about it for harm.There able to bite, but they don't bite often.

Do fireflies bite?

Fireflies do not sting or harm you in anyway! Hope this helps!