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Centimeters or Meters. I'm not sure which.

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Q: Does a book measure in kilometers meters centimeters or millimeters?
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What would you measure a building in meters kilometers centimeters or millimeters?


What do you use to measure a school hallway meters kilometers centimeters millimeters?


How would you measure the length of your arm in meters decimeters centimeters kilometers millimeters decameters?

in centimeters

What unit do you use to measure?

You use anything with markings of kilometers,meters,millimeters or centimeters.

Would you measure an acre of land in meters decimeters centimeters kilometers millimeters or decameters?


If we were going to measure the distance between your house and the store what should i use to measue it meters centimeters kilometers or millimeters?


What unit do we use to measure length?

inches, centimeters, millimeters, kilometers, meters, yards, miles, and feet

What is the length of a cross-country drive millimeters centimeters decimeters meters kilometers?

measure you should probably put down is kilometers

What metric unit of measurement is used to measure length?

Centimeters, millimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, micrometers, nanometers.

Which is the largest 50000 millimeters or 0.5 kilometers or 50 meters or 5000 centimeters?

0.5 is the greatest value of 50,000 millimeters, 0.5 kilometers, 50 meters, and 5000 centimeters. 50,000 millimeters is the same as 50 meters. 0.5 kilometers is the same as 500 meters. 50 meters is, of course, 50 meters. 5000 centimeters is 50 meters.

Is a width of a pencil measured in millimeters centimeters meters or kilometers?

they are measured in centimeters.

What unit is used to measure lenghts?

meters, centimeters, millimeters, kilometers, miles, feet, yard, inches and many more.