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what happens when a boy stares into your eyes.does he like you or what.


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yes unless he comes to you the next day and say 'we need to talk' that would be a problem.

They like you or there just starring at they guy behind you. Or she was day dreaming about you, or just day dreaming/ having a staring moment...

this all depends on the guy, but usually he will wink or smile at you. you can definitely notice he likes you if he stares at you all day!

not all the time, but you should talk to him to find out.

he either likes you, wants to be friends with you or thinks you're weird the second one's not very likely though

It depend on what you did to make him tell you F you if you did nothing then i he don't really love you

Not smiling just means she is relaxed. If her eyes are wide then she likes you. if her eyes are relaxed then she is probably not and just day dreaming

I think maybe the boy as a little crush on her , And she doesn't know it. The best way to find out is ask him, The ONLY reason why'd i'd ask is because i wouldn't like being tackled all the time.

He just may like you to. Or he may have liked you longer then you started liking him.

ANSWERS #1:He's too shy to talk to you and doesn't want you to know he likes you, so he just acts like your invisible to make it seem that he's not interested in you.ANSWER #2:He is trying to play hard to get, so when he ignores you, he wants u to think that he doesnt like u, but when he is not looking he stares at you because he is thinking," oh man I should of asked her out." Or he is just daydreaming.

Surely such a boy has something in his heart to discuss with you pataning to love matter, for this is a sign of such adventure but never worry as such for if he is a type of bold person like me ,he will soon come back to meet you one on one to pour his heart felt of love to you.

He's probaly looking at the person behind you so dont worry.

if you like the "shy boy" then write something like..."your my valintine", or "peek-a-boo i like you", or "happy valintines day", or "your my shy guy", or you can say "open up your heart to valintines day".

There are no stores that start with the letter x. I have been researching stares like that for all day for a school project.

when he stares at u and wen he looks at u lyk his shy and he wants to get your attention if u lyk a boy like i do u have sweet feelings for the boy and wen u see him u feel lyk to stare at him and u try to get his attention on you and u think about him night day morning also wen he says something to u your heart skips really fast

she picks her nose and stares at herself all day

like 2,800 per day as a 11 year old boy

basically is playing hard to get orhas mixed feelings about you he might like you alot but is not sure if you like him back so he might be nervous about what happens if he stares too much

Well it all depends on what the boy likes. But most boys would just like to know that you care about them so just like a hug or a small box of chocolate!

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