Does a camera reflect or refract light?


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A camera refracts light on to the screen.


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No, camera lens does not reflect light but it does refract light.

It does both to a certain extent but its main purpose is to focus light.

Mirrors reflect light Lenses refract light

a lens will refract light. a mirror will reflect the light.

A prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light.

The most refractive color is white, so the whiter U are the more U will refract/reflect~

A prism refracts light, and a mirror reflects light.

Yes, hand lens reflect light.

It's a diamond's job to reflect and refract light.

Cut diamonds reflect and refract available light.

reflect refract and absorb

well three things happen when light strikes an object Refract Reflect absorb

it reflects it that's why the moon is so bright.

Cameras do not refract light, lenses do. Refraction occurs whenever light passes from one medium to another, so it is not something that only occurs with lenses.

Mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

shine, luminate and be bright! haha . light when it stricks an object will refract, reflect and transmitt.

Hey people! waz up? Heres ur answer. Light can reflect, refract and be transmitted.

everything does. theoretically the only thing that does not refract light would be something that is pure black, although it is doubtful it is physically possible to make something that does that.Additional answerI presume you mean balloons. I also think you might mean reflect rather than refract, because why would a balloon refract light?

No. An electric current has magnetic properties,but not optical properties.

It can refract, reflect, and be absorb by the object.

They refract. If they reflected, they would be mirrors.

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