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Q: Does a child have to have breathing difficulties to have pneumonia?
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Symptoms of pneumonia?

There are many different types of pneumonia, but common symptoms are Cough Fever Chest Pain Breathing Difficulties

Why is the development of myopathy of the breathing muscles serious?

Myopathy of the breathing muscles is serious as there may be serious breathing difficulties and increased risk for pneumonia, flu, and other respiratory infections.

What are symptoms of congenital GBS infection?

Symptoms of congenital GBS infection include breathing difficulties; shock; sepsis; pneumonia; and, meningitis.

What breathing difficulties can arise in a child whose mother smoked during pregnancy specifically difficulties relating to deformed or damaged lungs?

brain damage

Is pneumonia contageous?

pneumonia is not contagious but it is very dangerous and it can stop you from breathing and kill you.

Nursing care for child with pneumonia?

how do you care for child with pneumonia and what are the complications

What are possible complications of esophageal resection?

formation of blood clots that can travel to the heart, lungs, or brain; nerve injury, which can cause defective emptying of the stomach; infection; breathing difficulties and pneumonia

Pneumonia in a sentence?

The pneumonia of the child is stage one because the mother of the child is poor.

What are the symptoms of Edward's syndrome?

intestines protruding outside the body feeding difficulties breathing difficulties,

Why do people with pneumonia often have difficulty breathing?

fluid in the lungs

How can pneumonia affect the body?

trouble breathing and you have body aches

What can you do to avoid getting pneumonia?

If you are in a high-risk group, get the annual influenza vaccines. Do not overexert yourself in cold or damp weather, eat a proper diet, and get prompt medical care for coughing or breathing difficulties.

What is the structure of pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be a bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, or idiopathic. This is when inflammation in the lungs causes difficulty breathing.

Does dust pneumonia make you stop breathing?

it dose stop breathing a whole breath but you can still breath.

Why does food stuck in the esophagus cause breathing difficulties?

Food stuck in the esophagus is blocking your airway. If your airway is blocked, no air can get into your lung, thus causing breathing difficulties.

What is the medical term meaning difficulty breathing?

Dyspnea means difficult or labored breathing. Dyspnea is a symptom of pneumonia and tuberculosis

What is the classification of pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs. The lungs begin to fill with fluid causing difficulty breathing and high fever.

What is the Classifications of pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs. The lungs begin to fill with fluid causing difficulty breathing and high fever.

Do horses have difficulties breathing when they eat a posinous plants?

mabey call a vet

Its venom can cause paralysis nausea breathing difficulties and death in people what is it?


Symptons of pneumonia?

General malaise, breathing difficulty, cough and cold and high temperature

Why does people who have pneumonia have difficulty in breathing?

Because their lungs are filled with fluid instead of air.

What disease did Julia Gillard have when she was a child?

she had Bronchi Pneumonia

Can a fractured rib cause pneumonia?

yes...if the person is not breathing normally pneumonia can form in the lungs..its is important to breathe and drink fluides when a rib fracture is present

Could malnutrition cause imagined breathing difficulty?

Yes, malnutrition could cause breathing difficulties. Malnutrition can lead to anemia, and shortness of breath and breathing irregularities are common.