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Q: Does a father still have to pay child support if he lives with the child's mother but are not married?
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Do a father still have to pay child support if he marries the childs mother?


How can my daughter can get financial support from her father?

A childs mother must file a petition for child support in the local family court.

How much do you pay for child support if the father is not married to the mother?

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny

If the child does not have the fathers last name can the father change the childs last name?

If he is married to the child's mother the decision is theirs to make, but if he is not married to her the mother decides the child's last name.

If the mother get married does the non custodial father continue to pay child support?

Yes. If he is the father he pays child support.

If a got married can the mother collect back child support from my father?

Marriage of the mother, father or child have no relationship to the collection of a debt.

Can a child get financial support from seaman father even the parents are not married?

Yes. The mother must file for child support.

If the mother did not change the childs last name after the dna test does that end child support?


Is biological father liable for child support if the mother got married before the birth of the child?

Yes , the biological father will be held legally responsible for the support of his child .

Who did Hamlet's mother get married to after his father died?

Hamlet's mother married his uncle (his father's brother) after his father's death.

How long can the mother stays home with children receiving childs support?

Child support is paid until the children are 18.

What rights does a father have if he wasnt married to the mother?

1) to pay support; 2) to petition the courts for visitation

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