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Unless the daughter is still living with her mother, the father might be able to get the court to terminate support on the grounds that the daughter is emancipated.

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Q: Does a father still have to pay child support on his 17 year old daughter when her mother gave her permission to get married?
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Do you need permission from your daughters father who you were never married too to take your daughter on vacation to another state?

Yes, in some states you do need permission from your daughters father who you were never married to, to take your daughter on vacation to another state.

Can you change your daughter's last name when you get married even if her real dad pays child support?

yes, i believe so. If the father gives permission for the child to change the last name.

How do you ask a man for permission to marry his daughter Are you suppose to ask the girl first or her father?

Ask the woman first to see if she even wants to get married, then go to her father for his permission.

Does father still pay child support if daughter is pregnant?

If she is married, no. If she is unmarried, yes.

Why was Paris asking lord Capulet's permission to marry Juliet?

It was considered proper to ask the father's permission to marry their daughter and as they are noble households getting married without permission would be quite wrong.

What if your ex has just come to your house and taken your daughter without your permission can he do this?

If he has court orders, than yes. Without orders, a single father cannot. A married father can, if custody has not yet been established.

Your daughter has 2 children is not married to father he does not pay child support can she move to another state?

I think she can, than go after him for support once she moves, she is the bread winner

How can you make his mother ready to give permission for your marriage?

usually its the womans father that gives permission for the daughter to get married. Not the mans mother. But it shouldn't matter what anyone thinks anyway. If you love each other and want to get married, you shouldn't have to have permission specially if you are of age. A marriage is easier tho when you can get along with the in-laws. So maybe get to know her.. and see where it goes from there.

Can a mother take her children to another state with out father's permission if not married and he does not pay child support and she is the breadwinner? can cause he doesnt pay child support an your taking care of them also so..ya

Can you get married at 16 with just your father's permission?

yess you can=)

Does a divorced woman need permission to get married again in Islam?

If she is virgin then yes, she needs the permission of her father or paternal grandfather. If she is NOT virgin, then she does not need the permission of her father or paternal grandfather.

Should a father make a speech at his daughter's second marriage?

yes of course, she may be getting married for the second time but he still needs to support her.

Can a mother take a child out of the state of Texas without the father's permission in the state of Texas without a court order?

If they are married to each other, yes she can. If they are not married she can if there is no court order for visitation, custody or child support.

Who is Whoopi Goldberg's daughter's father?

Whoopi's former husband Alvin Martin, whom she was married to from 1973-1979, is the father of her daughter Alexandrea.

Daughter now lives with father I have her everyother weekend The judge didn't modify the child support does the father still have to pay me?

Yes, if you feel the need to not support your daughter and take away from her.

If a single mom decides to move out of state with her daughter and there is no custody established with the father is it illegal or does the mom need to get permission from the father?

It is illegal.

Can the biological father of a child be made to pay support if he is not he legal father?

A biological father is the father of the child. A step-father is not. If the step-father has legally adopted the child that is not his when married then yes, he would have to pay support. If not married and the child is not his then no, he does not have to pay child support, but he may have to go to court to resolve the matter.

If you are pregnant and get married at 16 can you move in with your husband with out parents permission in Georgia?

if i am prenant and et married at sixteen to the babys father could i move in with him with out my paents permission in the state off Georgia?

What does sorayas mother think of amir's talking to her daughter without permission?

Soraya's mother thinks negatively of Amir talking to her daughter without permission. However, she reflects of mistakes she made as a young woman. Amir at one point asks Soraya's father for permission to marry her

My child's father lives in Mexico. Do I need a signed permission from him for my daughter to visit him there?

He needs to the passport application.

When you ask for child support and the father is married do they combin the both of there income?

No, only the biological father will be assessed child support.

If the mother get married does the non custodial father continue to pay child support?

Yes. If he is the father he pays child support.

I married my son's father and he was paying child support what will happen?

now that you are married to the father of your child he doesn't pay child support but pays no gives more money to support yours and his child and running the household. good luck

Can you get child support from the father when you are still married?

No the child support starts after you have divorced him. As long as you are married you share everything so what ever he makes is yours. If you mean while you are married to someone else, yes it can. If you are married to but separated from the child's father, with or without a court order, you can receive child support from him.

How much do you pay for child support if the father is not married to the mother?

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny