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No, it is primarily a fox of the Sahara,

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Where does a fennec fox live?

Fennec foxes live in the Sahara desert, the Arabian Peninsula, and semiarid or dry places.

Where does the fennec fox live?

The fennec lives in the northern parts of Africa.Dens and burrowsThe Fennec Fox lives in places such as the Sahara Desert, Arabian areas, etc. You may also be wondering why the Fennec Fox has such a thick coat, for an animal that lives in the desert. Desert nights are extremely cold, and the Fennec Fox is mostly nocturnal.

What biome does the fennec fox live in?

The fennec fox lives in the Sahara Desert.

Where do desert foxes live?

The fennec fox or fennec or desert fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.

What happens to desert fox who live in mangroves?

The desert fox (fennec) does not live in mangroves.

In what biome does the fennec fox live?

The fennec fox lives in the Sahara - a desert biome.

Where does a desert fox live?

The Fennec Fox, aka desert fox, primarily lives in the Sahara Desert.

On what continent does the desert fox live?

The fennec (desert fox) lives in Africa in the Sahara.

What kind of habitat does the fennec fox live in?

A fennec foxes habitat is in the desert. yes

Where does the desert fox live?

Desert foxes, also known as Fennec foxes, live in the Sahara desert.

Is desert fox another name for the fennec?

Yes, the fennec fox is also called the desert fox.

Where do fennecs live?

The fennec is a fox found in the Sahara of northern Africa,

How many desert foxes are in the world?

There are a number of species of fox that live in the desert but the fennec fox (see image above) is known as the desert fox. It lives in the Sahara of northern Africa.

Does a desert fox have fur?

Yes, the desert fox, also known as the fennec fox, has fur.

Do any nocturnal animals live in the Sahara Desert?

Yes, the fennec fox is one of them

When was the fennec fox discovered?

The fennec fox has been classified since the 18 century, although there is no information on when they were discovered. They are small nocturnal foxes that live in the Sahara Desert.

Where might you find a fennec fox in the wild?

Fennecs are found in the Sahara in northern Africa,

Latin name of a desert fox?

The Latin name of the desert fox (or fennec fox) is vulpes zerda.

What is the scientific name for a small desert fox?

The fennec fox, aka the desert fox, is Vulpes zerda.

What are two animals that live in the desert biomes?

The Fennec Fox and the Kangaroo Rat are just two of the varied animals that live in the desert biomes.

Does a fennec fox migrate?

no it stays in the desert.

What animals live in hot deserts?

Well there are lizards and camels, there is the addax and the African spurred tortoise and the striped hyena, there is the scimitar horned oryx and there is the fennec fox and the Arabian horse. There is the Arabian hare, the desert hedgehogs, mice and rats. There is the Indian wolf, the Arabian wolf and the red Arabian wolf if.

Does the fennec fox live in Mexico?

No. It is a species found only on the Saharan desert, in north Africa.

What is an animal found in the African desert?

The fennec fox or the meerkat both live in deserts in Africa.

A mammal in the Sahara Desert?

The fennec fox, the worlds smallest foz, is a mammal that lives in the Sahara Desert Camels live in the Sahara Desert

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