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Yes, all teeth have roots. But when they fall out naturally they don't have them anymore. The "big" teeth below "disolve" the roots by pushing the baby teeth out.

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Q: Does a first set of baby teeth molars have roots?
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Are molar teeth baby teeth?

No, molar teeth are not baby teeth. you can have adult and baby molars. molars are the flat teeth at the backs of you mouth....

Do you lose your k nine teeth?

You do lose your canine teeth along with other baby teeth. They generally fall out in the order they came in, with the center incisor teeth first, followed by the first baby molars, then the canines, and the second molars. They grow back.

Are molars baby teeth or adult teeth?

they are adult teeth

Can you still get braces with baby teeth?

It is unlikely that you get braces with baby teeth, but if they are molars or larger teeth you can.

When permanent teeth replace baby teeth there are four?


Are molars permanent teeth?

Yes, unless they are the baby teeth.

Do baby back teeth come out?

Yes, they will be replaced by adult molars, and then later you will get your "wisdom teeth", the last molars that come in.

Do people lose all baby teeth?

yes, except for molars which arent really baby teeth.

Can baby teeth grow roots?

Most baby teeth don't have roots at all, because they will come out. If they have roots they are probably adult teeth.

Do moler teeth fall out?

Only baby molars fall out

Do children get their molars before their baby teeth fall out?

Yes they do

What type of teeth make up milk teeth?

There are incisors (8), canines (4), and molars (8), generally smaller versions of the adult or permanent teeth. There are only 20 baby teeth compared to 32 adult teeth. The reason is that the 12 adult molars grow out behind the baby molars, not under them. The 8 baby molars are replaced by the premolars (biscuspid teeth), while the incisors and canines are replaced by their permanent versions.

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