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The current is reversed in a galvanometer

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Q: Does a galvanometer have a reversed current or not?
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What is a NULL Point of a galvanometer?

Its a point on the galvanometer where the galvanometer shows no deflection as no current passes through it.

What is galvalometer?

i think this is galvanometer so galvanometer is a device which detect the current as well as it measure small amount of current

Steps in making a galvanometer?

A galvanometer is used to test an electrical current. A galvanometer can be made using a compass and a thin gauge of wire.

Why galvanometer are used in electronic instruments that measures low current and voltage?

The galvanometer is very sensitive.

How do you convert galvanometer to ohmmeter?

Ohms are the unit of measurement for resistance, so an ohmmeter is a device that measures electrical resistance. A galvanometer measures the current flowing through the resistance, so the two are related. To convert a galvanometer into an ohmmeter, one needs an external battery.

What can be meausured with a galvanometer?

Small amounts of current

What is the unit measured in with a galvanometer?

It measures current.

Why doesn't any current flow through the galvanometer in a balanced Wheatstone bridge?

There is no current flow through the galvanometer in a balanced Wheatstone bridge because, in the balanced state, the voltage on both terminals of the galvanometer is the same. Since the voltage differential in zero, there can be no current.

A device that indicates the presence of an electric current is?

a galvanometer

What is the function of galvanometer?

To measure electric current intensity.

Name the instrument used to measure electric current?

A magnetic compass can detect current, butyou'll need an Ammeter to measure it.A galvanometer can detect current ~ butyou'll need an Ammeter to measure it.

Why shunt resistance is used ammeter?

A shunt resistance is a low resistance connected parallel to the galvanometer so that a large portion of current passes through the low resistance and a small fraction of current passes through the galvanometer this saves the galvanometer from damage