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If she lightly hits you then she wants your attention, therefore I would say that she likes you quite a bit.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-06 19:06:25
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Q: Does a girl like you if she is acting mean then laughs and talks with you normally and likes to lightly hit you?
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What does it mean when a girl laughs at a guy but he's not trying to be funny?

Usually that means that the girl likes you and is probably attracted to you. Or maybe she was laughing at you because she thought you were acting dumb. . .

When a guy laughs at you does this mean he likes me?

(If you mean by laughing at your joke,) if he laughs for a long time and still smiles then he looks at you smiling when he's done, he likes you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hobbies and interest?

He likes acting He likes acting

How do you tell of a girl likes you?

well if she laughs at your jokes or likes to talk to you alot sticks up for you and likes to smile around you

How could you tell if a shy girl likes you?

if she smiles at you and laughs

How do i know if a girl likes me when we are good friends?

Just compare to how she acts normally, (like when you first met) and to how she is acting now. If she is acting different, she may be trying to send you a message, if you know what I mean.

What does it mean when a girl laughs at you when you tell her that you like her?

she prob feels a bit embarrassed she likes you though but maybe just didnt know what to say tell her again and if she laughs ask why well, she is either being rude or acting nervous. You have to ask he to give you a serious answer to the question, do you like me or are you interested? Then move on from there.

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What is a simple way to tell if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you, talks to you, laughs at your jokes, or smiles at you

How can you tell a woman likes you?

If she takes excessive interest in you. Keep an eye for her smiles and laughs.

What are obvious signs that a boy likes you?

If when you talk to him he actually listens and laughs a lot at what you say.

How do you know a girl likes you if she hits and pinches you hard?

it depends on how she does it - if she laughs or really means it

What if he laughs and smiles with you?

Means He likes You wants to spend some beautiful time with you .. Simple ...

Is it good if a girl you like laughs at you and is nervous around you?

of course that is a great sign that she likes you

How do you no if a girl likes you in middle school?

when she laughs a lot and talks to you a lot. ask her! or ask her friend! Dont try to find out by getting all weird or friendly. That will just make us feel weird if your not normally like that.

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What were Drew Barrymore hobbies?

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How do you give a love note to a guy without embarresment?

Give the note to him and he if he laughs or embarrasses you, tell him it was a dare and laugh. Any guy who laughs at someone who likes him is not worth it:D

How do you know if a girl likes you or just friends?

if the girl laughs at ur jokes or flirts with u

How do you test if she likes me?

if there is a sparkle in her eye or she laughs at ur bubble gum wrapper (crummy) jokes.

If you flirt with a girl and she laughs and or enjoys does that show she likes you?

NO she's I'mbarrest and wants you to leave her alone

What are some signs that a shy guy likes you?

You can tell when a shy guy likes by observing a few signs. If he likes being around you, laughs at your jokes, compliments you, and does nice things for you, this may mean he really likes you.

When you talk the guy he gets red and laughs does it mean he likes me?

If any guy does that and you notice it a lot it so means he likes you but don't scare him off

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How do you know if a girl flirts with you?

A girl flirts with you when she laughs a lot around you and is acting really wierd. Some girls are different thought!!! Its hard to know when she flirts with you!!!she will talk to you alot and joke around. if she likes you she will purpously make mistakes so u can help her.