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All depends on the person and their customs. Some people are brought up on a touchy-feely environment and don't put any extra emphasis on hugging. Others it is a big deal. Maybe say that you like her and would like to be closer.

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Q: Does a girl like you if she lets you hug her?
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Does a Girl like you if she lets you hug her in bed?

errr Yes

If a girl lets you hug her and walk with her does that mean she likes you?

sometimes when a girl lets you hug her and walk with her then it means she might like you, but you'll never know unless you ask her.

What does it mean if you hug a girl but she does not hug you back and lets you hug her at the same time?

she probably just wants to get to know you better

Do girls hug guys they like?

(I'm a girl) If you like a girl and you think she likes you, ask her out. Girls like guys to be men and take charge. Hug her! I promise, girls love it when the guy they like hugs them. (ANOTHER FEMALE ANSWER) OK DUDE I HUG EVERYONE ITS NOT THAT SPECIAL YOU'VE PROBABLY HUGGED YOUR MOM ITS NOT SPECIAL AND ITS REAL OBVIOUS YOU LIKE HER ( im a dude) I usually would say hell yeah but I don't know now. It depends if she leans on you when they hug you. I think I would say girls do hug guys they like, cause I'm a girl and I hug a guy I like EVERYDAY!!!! Literally, and I hug him for like 10 seconds, then he lets go and I'm still hugging him, so he hugs me again and he lets go and I'm still hugging him... i think he gets tired of that... Anyway he is my boyfriend so I don't know. I think I hug him way to long.

Is the girl supposed to hug the guy first?

Be brave wait for like a little and if he doesn't hug you, hug him. You have to be brave.

Can you hug a girl you like after a casual meeting The girl likes you?

yes you can

How do you hug a girl that dose not like you?

Very carefully...

How should a guy hug a girl?

hug a girl is

What does the girl do with her hands while making out?

hug the boy. if you are a boy don't be afraid to hug a girl while kissing her. she'll like it

What does it mean when i hug a girl but she never hugs you back?

If the girl is don't like what you do to her?

How do you get a hug by a girl?

you be brave and hug her!

What does it mean when a girl hugs you by putting her arms under mine and hug you like that?

Umm a hug?! XD

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