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Give us more info. Too hard to tell just based on that.

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When I stare at this girl she looks at me and looks away quickly and then after a few seconds looks at me with a smile what does it mean?

When a girl that looks at you can then acts shy can mean a few things. The girl might just want to be friends or she might like you.

What happens when you look at your crush and you crush turns away look at a girl?

Nothing significant. He sees what he looks at.

What does it mean if a girl stares at you then you notice and you hold eye contact for three seconds and then she turns her head away from you?

wink at her

How can you tell if a girl is checking you out?

Well, look at her eyes. If she looks at you, but turns away when your eyes meet hers, she is checking you out and she likes you.

You and this girl are friends you like her what should I do?

well if you like her flirt around.if she looks at you and when you look at her she turns away ammediatlet that means she likes you.

Whenever I stare at this girl she looks down but when I look away she always stares at me does she like me?

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

What are the facial expressions of a boy when he likes a girl who is not his friend and does not want to accept?

Always checking that girl out when she looks at him he turns away, ladies wait for him unless you want him to go for it.

If a girl looks into your eyes over and over again and when you look after a few seconds she looks away but keeps looking back and brushes against you does she like you?

Oh yesshe wants you!!!!!!!!or she get interest in you...........or you look familiar to you^^

What does it mean if a girl stares at you then you notice and she still stares for about 3 seconds and then turns her head away from you?

She could be wierd, crazy or want you babies but she probably just likes you.

When a boy is staring at a girl and the girl turns her face to him and why does the boy looks away?

It usually means that he doesn't want you to know that he's staring. He may want to look at you just because or he really likes you

What turns a girl on sexually?

Confidence, good looks, flirtatiousness, foreplay, gentleness... but its different for every girl..

What turns guys on and they love when they see it?

a girl that is outgoin...and a girl that looks like she always has funn and is always happy

What does is mean if a girl watching you while you coming and then turns away?

she likes you

What does it mean when a girl acts flustered and looks away when a particular guy looks at her?

it means she likes him

Theres a girl i knew since i was a baby and now she looks at me smiles then laughs friendly but when i face her she turns away what does it mean?

she was laughing at the wall behind you and when you looked at her she thought the wall was looking at her

If a girl looks at you and you look at her and she quickly looks away does that mean she likes you?

Yes, normanly.but if she looks at you in a dising way, it means no!

What does it mean when a boy looks at you multiple times then turns back to his girlfriend what does that mean?

I like you but I have a girl.

If a guy flirts with another girl in your presence and then turns to look at you for a few seconds does that mean he likes you?


What does it mean if a girl looks at me but as soon as i look at her she looks away?

it could mean she likes you... or it means nothing at all

What does it mean when a girl stares at another girl and then looks away when she looks at her?

It could mean anything. Like maybe they didn't want to meet eyes or it was awkward.

How can you point out that girl loves you?

she either flirts with u. or turns away when she sees u.

When you get done talking to a girl and she turns around and skips away from you what does that mean?

she might like you

What does it mean not what do I do if a girl stares at you then you notice and you hold eye contact for three seconds and then she turns her head away from you?

Normally that means that she likes you and I would know this because I'm a teen and I know how girls are with that kinda stuff.

Why does this girl look away the very second she looks at me?

then she likes u :D!

A SHY Girl body language?

IF she smiles when she's around you. Blushes alot with you or looks at you but quickly looks away if you see her.