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Q: Does a golf cart battery always need a full charge?
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Why golf cart won't charge?

Because its not plugged in. If the cart is more that 3 years old, the battery may not take a full charge.

Is it ok to charge an iPod battery before it is fully discharged?

It is always good to charge a battery to its full capacity before it is fully charged.

How much voltage of output usually a battery charger prouduce?

A: that is no standard or establish output from each charger. However the charger must provide the maximum current necessary to charge the battery and the voltage must always be more then the battery when has reached full charge

How do you know when your laptop battery is full charge?

Theirs a battery on the bottom right screen.If it full then that means the battery's fully charged.

How long should you charge a 3600mah psp battery?

Good question. Charge it for a full 24 hours before use so it gains full battery

What is green light on MacBook?

It has to do with your battery charge. it's either charging or is at full charge.

Charge the definition of the charge of battery?

The official charge of a battery is measured by the specific gravity of the electrolyte. For a good battery and alternator, full charge is noted when the alternator output current is just enough to carry the load, plus a bit to maintain the battery, and the battery voltage is normal.

Can you keep your ipodtouch when the battery runs out?

yes, you just charge it so it has full battery lol

Can a dead battery show a charge on a battery charger?

Yes. Battery chargers like those used in phones and cameras do not show how much charge is in the battery, but simply show when the battery will accept no further charge. The capacity of a battery to accept a charge becomes reduced through age or other factors such as repeatedly allowing it to fully discharge. It will charge, but not to its full capacity. Thus, while the charger may show that the battery is full, there may be so little actual charge that it goes dead immediately when the device is turned on.

I Have a battery charger of 1.5 charge amp at 2 amp slow charge for a motorscooter 12v battery labeled std 1.2aX510hrs how many hrs should i charge this new battery to full capacity?

i have a scooter as well the best way for any battery charge cell phone or scooter is half charge battery when new and drain it completely half charge it again drain it once more then fully charge it and your set with scooter 12 hours should give full charge for the first

What does a bad cell in a battery cause?

usually means the battery simply won't hold charge. and won't charge full stop! get a new one

How do you get a full battery on Nintendo DS?

You will have to charge it with the Nintendo DS charger.