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no they do not they are actually very freindly creatures they can be house pets too.

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Can lizard bite you?

lizzards can bite, but it doesnt hurt at all

Does a frilled neck lizard bite?

Anything with a mouth can bite

When was European green lizard created?

European green lizard was created in 1768.

Do the skink lizard bite?

it depends on which skink it is

What will happen if crickets bite my lizard while shedding?

Nothing. The lizard might eat the cricket.

What lizards live in the Amazon rainforest?

Anole LizardGreen Anolis LizardCaiman LizardJesus Lizard ( yes, this is a real Lizard it gets the name from having the ability to run on water)The Amazon Lizard (Lime Green)

Would a regular lizard you find in your backyard bite you?

It depends if it is poisonous or not.If it is,he will bite and kill you,But if it's not,then it will just bite you

Does home lizards bite?

It depends on what kind of lizard it is........ & if you train them not to bite then most likely they won't.

Do bearded dragon's bite PEOPLE?

Well, they can if you r feeding the lizard and u wiggle ur finger in vision of him, and also if the lizard feels threatened i may bite u

A lizard that starts with the letter N?

· Northern Green Anole (lizard)

How many chromosomes will be in the unfertilized egg of a great green galoofus lizard?

The unfertilized egg of the great green galoofus lizard will contain half the number of chromosomes as the body cells of the great green galoofus lizard.

Benefits you can get from lizard?

The rid ur house and yard of bugs

What is a blind worms sting?

Blind worm is an endangered lizard in the UK (Anguis Fragilis) The sting would be the bite of the lizard.

Why is Cornwall called the lizard peninsula?

On a map Cornwall looks a bit like a lizard with its mouth open ready to bite.

What lizard starts with s?

southern green anole Skink shingleback lizard

What animal is a lizard?

a lizard is a green creature that can camouflage, can swim in the water and bumpy

What color is a lizard?

Lizards are different colors but most are green or brown. Chameleons (which are a type of lizard) can actually change their colors - through combinations of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple.

Do you need a tetanus after a blue tongue lizard bite?

no you dont beacause blue tongue lizards cant bite hard

What is the lizard man?

a lizard man is a humanoid or human who can change. Lizard men are said to be scaly creatures and are usually green.

What type of organism has green blood?

the organism that has green blood is the green tree lizard

How do you kill a yard lizard?

You grab it by its tail and stab it with a pocket knife

Green lizard with a lime green stripe going down its back is it a gecko or salamander?

If it is a lizard it can't be a salamander because a salamander is an amphibian.

Does lirards bite?

Some lizards bite, and others don't. It depends on the species, gender, and I think even the individual. Probably any lizard can be provoked enough to bite, just as if you are careful, the odds are that you can go without getting bitten by a pet lizard for at least a long time.

World largest lizard?

The world's largest lizard is the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) It has a very dangerous bite due to very toxic saliva.

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