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i would say that he probbaly does like you and you should go for it and ask him out

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โˆ™ 2005-04-03 20:56:07
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Q: Does a guy like you if he is always making eye contact with you and if he stops talking to his friends to talk to you when you say something to him?
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Do women like talking about size off cocks?

As a woman, me and my friends always talk about it. It's very interesting and embarrassing talking about something so personal. But it can also turn a women on.

How do you start talking to a boy who is quiet and doesn't know you if you don't know him either but you always see him with his friends?

Find something you have in common and bring that up.

How do you start a conversation with a girl who you always make eye contact too but shes too timid?

try complimenting her or talking about something that recently happened, or ask how she is doing and what's been going on, get her talking about something she knows, so you know she's not uncomfortable

How do you know when youre boyfriend is cheating on you?

There are always signs to a guy cheating on a girl. When a guy stops talking to you or tells you they want to be friends means something is wrong.

Why does your guy friend not maintain eye contact with you as he does with everyone else you being friends and he likes you its odd Is it because he thinks you are hideous?

Answer Personally I've always felt that if someone in my life or in my travels couldn't look me in the eyes when talking with me, they have something to hide and don't want me to know about it. You do as you wish, but I'd be wary of this guy if I were you.

What to do if friends tease us because we have something better than him but he is social so he has friends to support him so he disturbs us?

My mum always used to say walk away and that's what you should do =) If you both go to the same school i always used to say stop teasing me or I'll be talking to the principal about this. It always scared them off!!! you coz it helped me =)

What is the meaning of exemplary behavior?

geezus It means you do something everyone is always exemply talking about

How do you know who love you?

By the way someone looks at you, if someone is always staring or talking to your friends about you or teasing you that is when you know.

Who needs a boyfriend on Facebook?

Uh... me?? My friends are always talking about some guy and it makes me feel out of place. And why do you ask?

Why is important to have friends?

They help you when you need it and they are always good for a laugh. When your bored and need something to do, having friends to call always works. Mostly, when you realize you barely have any, it can make you miserable

Is it ok to kiss your friend?

Depends on if your talking about friends with benifits or just regular friends... If your talking about friends with benifits then first of all its wrong anyway and it always leads to a relationship. And if u r expecting any benefits of ur friend without consulting them he or she is going to be very hurt.

Why do i fall for my friends?

I almost always end up falling for all of my friends, so I was wondering..Why does this happen? Is there something wrong with me I hate falling for my friends it isn't fair to them..

What is the relation to break?

well if you are talking about breaking up with your gf\bf it is always to tell them why and that you would still like to be friends!

Should you join something you want to join or something that your friends want you to join?

You should always, always, always do the things in life that you want to do, and not do things because your friends pressure or persuade you into it. If you do what YOU want to do, you'll meet new people, gain independence, learn new skills, and enjoy whatever it is you're doing. If you do what your friends want you to do, you'll regret not making your own decisions, you'll get stuck in a rut, and you'll be expected to always do what your friends want you to do. Yes, you'll be with friends, but there are plenty of other opportunities to be with them. And if they are true friends, they will understand when you branch out on your own.

Why do your parents always shout when you speak?

it means that they hate you so if your always sad then when they always shout at you do something else like sms your friends or listen to your mp3

How do you become friends with Miranda Cosgrove?

well, u can always sent a request on myspace or something. :)

What if the guy is happy when he with his friends and when he sees you looked sad?

Hes sad because he probably misses you or something happened between you two that hurt him or maybe he wants you but he cant because hes scared of what his friends might think. You should try talking to him and ask him why he always looks sad when your around.

How do you know when a girl is just talking to you for attention?

If a girl is talking to you for attention she is likely wanting your attention in particular and is likely interested in you or at least believes your friends. Girls always want attention from boys and if you have them talking to you chances are they like you.

Does your friend like you if he always tries to make his friends bump into you and is he trying to get your attention for something?

The statement "he's always trying to get my information for something" really bothers me. NEVER give out too much info about yourself and he should be man enough to come and see you and ask for a date, get to know you and then the questions begin. Be careful! He may be a nice guy, but the next time one of his friends asks you questions say, "If he wants to know more about me, tell him to quit sending his friends to ask and he should be talking to me, not you!" Good luck Marcy

How do gat a boy to love you if your only contact waith him is on facebook?

always chat with him or something.....eventually he will fall for you

What does it mean when a guy always sits next to you in class and stares at you while your talking to your friends then quickly turns away when you notice him?

he likes you

Why is your boyfriend always out with his mates and not on msn talking to you?

Either your boyfriend is planning something special for you, HE'S GAY, or he's trying to figure how to dump you nicely for a better looking sexy girl. or he just wants to spend guy time with his friends.

How can you tell if someone is talking about you?

alright well...........a dead on sign is that they always laugh or smile when they look at uand then they stop smiling/laughing suddenlyalso,if they keep looking at uor their friends keep coming up to u or something like thatbtwjust hope its nothing that bad if they r talking about u

How do you now when someone likes you?

Here are just a few ways that you can tell if someone likes you: -constant eye contact -blushing when you are around -always seems to "accidentally bump in to you" -their friends ask questions about who you like -flirting -changes his or her attitude around you (mean around friends, soft and gentle around you) -when talking they will be touching you (your face, hands)