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it depends who it is he can be over her or some aren't over there ex but they dont show it..but yeah i know a lot of people who moved on and has a new gf but still has feelings for his ex-gf

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โˆ™ 2009-12-17 03:21:24
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Q: Does a guy still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend even thought his in another relationship?
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What do you do if you like your boyfriend a lot but you still have feelings for your ex you thought you were over him but your not and know you like two guys help?

At this time it is best to take time for yourself and sort out your feelings. You cannot go into any relationship when you don't know where your feelings ly. Be single for awhile and find yourself - you need to sort out these feelings before you are able to be in any type of relationship.

Does having feelings for someone bad even thought you have a bf?

Feelings can often be complicated. Having feelings for another person isn't necessarily bad, however, acting on those feelings while still with your boyfriend would be considered wrong.

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What does it mean when a previous boyfriend still has feelings for you?

well it determines who broke up with who if you broke up with him and he had deep feelings for you this means that he thought your relationship was forever if he broke up with you then that is quite awkward because he thought that he could do better than you. but the fact is that even though he thinks that he will regret it when he cant do better than you.

What does it mean when a guy says there cant be feelings involved?

I would of thought it meant they want a more of a physical, no strings attached relationship. Therefore they do not wish to fall or be in love.

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They don't

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Writing and reading are not better than one another, but are very similar. Writing is a way to express your feelings and yourself through words. Reading is to read someones thought and feelings and words.

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Thought Tracking is where a character steps out of a scene and tells the audience his thoughts or feelings.

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Freudian psychology emphasized unconscious thought process. Unconscious thought process includes those of feelings, thoughts, and urges that are not part of our conscious thought processes. Most of these are unpleasant and bring about feelings of pain and conflict.

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Which of these types of poetry expresses a speaker's personal thought or feelings?

Why are some guy not ready for a relationship?

Well it is possible maybe the guys don't want to heart Ur feelings if they ever broke up with you or he might not what to go thought the pain of getting broken up with.

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