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they weigh the same

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What is more dense a cold object or a hot object?

A cold object is more dense.

When does an object have more thermal energy when it is hot or cold?


Does heat transfer from a hot object to a cold object or from a cold object to a hot object?

Heat flows from hot objects to cold.

Which emits more radiation a hot or a cold object?

A hot object emits more radiation from each unit of its surface area than a cold one does.

Does a hot or cold object give off more radiation?


Does heat travel from a hot object or cold object?

heat travel from a hot object first then to cold object!

What does energy flow from a cold object to a hot object?

Energy ALWAYS flows from a hot object to a cold object.

Does heat travels form cold to hot object or hot to cold object?

Heat "travels" from hot to cold, always.

Why cold objects weigh more than the hot objects?

They don't.

Does cold air weigh more than hot air?


Does fuel weigh more when hot or cold?

the mass is the same. so neitherLiquids Weighs MORE when cold as it is more dense

What weighs more hot or cold?

wow what a question!! well i don't know but hot air rises so cold would probably weigh more..

How can heat transfer between a hot and cold object?

Heat moves to cold - which warms the cold object up, but cools the hot object down.

Do cold objects have more or less energy than an hot object?


Does hot water weigh more than cold water?

Cold water weighs more than hot water. Water is most heavy at 4 degree Celsius.

Does metal weigh more hot than it does when it is weighed cold?

The mass remain constant.

What makes an object hot or cold?

We perceive an object as hot or cold according to how fast its particles are moving. The faster they move, the hotter the object.

Why does heat move from hot to cold?

Energy moves from hot to cold. Cold is a lack of energy so energy can not flow from a colder object to a warmer object.

What is used to measure how hot or cold a object is?

Temperature is the quantity that describes how hot or cold an object is. A thermometer does a fine job of measuring it.

Do birds live in cold or in hot regions?

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What is transferred from a hot object to a cold object?

Thermal energy.

What happens when a cold object touches hot object?

It's very likely that heat flows from the hot object to the cold object, and their temperatures tend asymptotically toward the same number.

Heat will flow from a hot object to a cold object until the objects reach?

Heat will flow from a hot object to a cold object until the objects reach the same abount of heat .

Does warm air weigh more than cold air?

no cold air is heavier because it sinks and hot air rises

Why does heat flow from a hot object to a cold object?

It's simple thermodynamics. In the case of conduction (where two objects are touching each other), the molecules of the hot object contact the molecules of the cold object, and energy is transferred from the hot molecule to the colder one (remember, the hot object is hot because its molecules have more energy). This process continues until all of the molecules have the same energy (are the same temperature).