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No. In fact, while the average adult skeleton has 206 bones in their body, a dog has at least 321 on average., and snakes have usually 500 vertebra.


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The skull has the most bones in the human body. Most people believe that by adding up the hand and feet bones, you can come up with the most bones in the human body. This is an incorrect answer.

Giraffe, There are 207 bones in an adult giraffe. And there are 206 bones in adult human

Most bones start out as cartilage in the human body.

For a baby it would be 306 bones, for an adult it would be 206 bones

206 in most people there are people with extra bones

Giraffes and humans both have seven neck bones.

The human hand contains the most bones 27. 8 in the carpus 5 in the metacarpal 14 comprise the digital bones

The hands have the most bones -- 27 in each hand. The hands and feet together make up more than half the bones in the human body. There are 206 bones in the human body; 106 of these are in the hands and feet (27 in each hand and 26 in each foot).

what are the characteristic of human bones

In every human body, the leg contains 30 bones per leg. Most people don't know a lot about the bones in a human body, but over half of the 206 bones in a body are found in the arms and legs.

The most common machine in the human body are the bones attached to the muscles.

yes , the part the human body have mast bones

Human bones are stronger than the chicken bones. The human bones are 5 times stronger than steel.

The human species most frequently break the arm.

humming bird bones are hollow, while human bones are not holllow

There are 22 bones in a human head

There are no bones in the human eye.

206 bones in a human body

No. there are 206 bones in human body.

No. There are 206 bones in Human body.

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