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If in the state of Georgia the time frame is 30 days.....give it 31.

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Q: Does a judge have a time frame or due process to sign divorce papers after giving them the OK?
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What is the time frame for filing divorce papers once signed?

30 days in some states

What is the length of a divorce process?

In the state of California, it takes six months from the time the divorce is filed until it is finalized. This is the time frame for a non-contested divorce. The time can vary if there are issues such as child custody, child support or spousal support. If there are problems with settling on these matters, the time it takes until the divorce is final could be longer than six months.

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How long do you have to be separated in Georgia to file for divorce?

In Georgia you could get married again the very next day after the judge has signed the final decree of divorce documents of your divorce. There is no certain time frame that you have to wait to marry again.

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Is there a time frame when a person can file for alimony?

A claim for alimony must be included in the divorce action. If the divorce has already been ordered, you are probably too late. Speak with your divorce lawyer about whether it is possible to modify the original order to include alimony.

How long do you have to be separated before you can divorce in west Virginia?

There is not a specified time frame on when you can marry again after a divorce in West Virginia. You can even file for a marriage license without proving that you are not already married.

What if reasonable attempts are made to serve divorce petition can divorce still be granted in the state of Texas and if so what is the time frame?

In the state of Texas, a process server will exercise "due diligence" in service, and if that is impossible, they will notify the Court. You also publish your intent to divorce in the newspaper where you believe the other party resides to give them a chance to respond. After all your attempts, if the other party still doesn't respond, the Court will issue a divorce decree... even without them there. Their absence from the process doesn't stop anything, it just means the court will grant you what you're asking for and you don't have to argue with the other party. It's called a "Default Judgement".

What is the normal time frame for getting your period after giving birth?

Usually 6 weeks after giving birth but sometimes you can have your period up to 3 months later.

What is the statutory time frame for married people to no longer be considered married?

There is no statutory time frame for a married couple to no longer be married because they can file for divorce. Once the divorce decree is filed and a copy given to both parties they are free to date or marry anyone else they so chose too.

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Statute of limitations for a divorce?

If you are wondering about statute of limitations in relation to civil PI cases relating to divorce, the time frame varies greatly from state to state. Most states, however, allow at least a couple of years to go by.

What happens now after my husband served divorce papers and I did not respond within 20 day time limit.?

Chances are now that the divorce proceedings will take place and the plaintiff may win by default as the defendant did not respond to contest or counter sue within the specified time limits. The court will then set a hearing date to occur within a certain time frame - both parties will be told when and where to appear. The rest of the case is heard before a judge in a court of law.

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What is the waiting time to remarry after filing for divorce?

You must wait till the divorce is final..That's about it. Some States have a waiting period or separation time frame that must be met between filing and when it becomes Final. Like in Indiana(not sure if its still true) But you had to be separated for 6 months if you have kids before a divorce is Final.

How do you obtain a divorce if you can't find your spouse?

The laws vary by state (assuming you're in the USA). In my state (California), bookstores sell books on "DIY Divorce" for about $25; there are different versions for each state that allows people to administrate their own divorce. Go to your local bookstore and see what's there. All the forms and directions are in the book. There will be a section on what to do if you can't locate your spouse. In California you file the papers with the local court, and then pay to place a "legal notice" in the classified section of your local newspaper for a few weeks. The advertisement fulfills the legal requirement of notice to your spouse. If the spouse doesn't contact the court to object within a certain time frame, the divorce can then proceed as "uncontested". Start with your local bookstore. If you have no money and no children the whole process will be fairly simple. Be sure to follow the directions in the book precisely. Any portion of the forms that is incomplete or incorrectly filled out will result in a delay.

Can you get married if you're from Mexico and are still married but have been separated for the last 5 years or what will you have to do?

You can file for divorce in a court of law and it is up to the legal system to find your spouse and serve him the divorce papers. You could also check on the internet and ask "what is the statutory time frame for married people to no longer be considered married? In Canada it's 7 years and any man/woman (as long as there was no money exchanging hands re support or no contact) can have the marriage made null and void. Marcy

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